Notifications and blogging known issues

Squarespace 5 is our legacy platform from 2012. Although we still support Squarespace 5, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current platform, Squarespace 7.

This guide is a list of known issues affecting notifications and blogs that you may come across in Squarespace 5. Our engineers aren't currently working on these issues. Wherever possible, we've included troubleshooting steps or alternate suggestions.

Not receiving emails from Squarespace

If you opened a ticket and didn't receive a confirmation email from us, or you're not receiving emails about your Squarespace Domain, see Why am I not receiving emails from Squarespace?

Not receiving comment email notifications

If comments are enabled and CAPTCHA is disabled, visitors are able to leave comments on any Guestbook and Discussion page on your site.

On some sites, site owners don't receive an email notification when visitors leave comments. If this is happening for you, there are a few workarounds:

Form submission emails have formatting issues

On the Unlimited plan, you can add a form page or widget to collect data from your visitors. Occasionally, the emails we send you after visitors complete the form have formatting issues and missing spaces, making the information hard to read.

As an alternative, you can view the submitted form data in file storage:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. In the Website Management bar, click File Storage under Data & Media.
  3. Click the Captured Data folder.
  4. Each submitted form is saved in this folder as an Excel spreadsheet.

Journal posts aren't saving

Sometimes with Google Chrome or Safari, blog posts won't save. When this occurs, if you're in a Journal page's blog post editor and you click Save & Close, nothing happens.

If this happens on your site:

Comment CAPTCHA doesn't appear

To enable blog comments, visit Changing comment permissions.

Squarespace 5 was integrated with a version of CAPTCHA that's now outdated. This prevents visitors from leaving comments, because the CAPTCHA field can't be completed.

We recommend disabling CAPTCHA for each Journal, Guestbook, and Discussion page on your site.

Podcast feed breaks after moving to Squarespace 7

When you move to Squarespace 7, your Journal page converts to a Blog Page. The podcast files remain for each post, but they're converted to a download link, which iTunes isn't able to process.

To resolve this, upload the files for all posts as Audio Blocks. If you don't have them saved, you can use the links in the posts to download them. We have detailed steps for adding podcast files to blog posts on the Squarespace 7 help site.

This should reconnect your feed. if it doesn't, ensure the Blog Page is set up to host the podcast

Unable to use XML-RPC blogging client to add blog posts

Currently, there's an issue that prevents some XML-RPC clients from interacting with Squarespace 5 sites. If you're seeing a 404 error when you try to publish, this may be the case with your site.

As a workaround, use our built-in tools for adding new blog posts.

RSS widget isn't updating

On some sites, the RSS widget won't update with the latest content.

Unfortunately, there aren't any troubleshooting steps we've found helpful for this issue. This topic has come up on our Answers forum, and you can view the post here for a discussion of third-party options for displaying feed content.

Alternately, consider moving to Squarespace 7, our current platform. On Squarespace 7, you can display the latest updates from an RSS feed in Summary Blocks and Archive Blocks.

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Notifications and blogging known issues