Accounts and billing known issues

Squarespace 5 is our legacy platform from 2012. Although we still support Squarespace 5, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current platform, Squarespace 7.

This guide is a list of known account and billing issues that you may come across in Squarespace 5. Our engineers aren't currently working on these issues. Wherever possible, we've included troubleshooting steps or alternate suggestions.

Unable to access Account Center

The Account Center is where you’ll find your current credit card information and a list of your billing invoices. You can access this area in your Website Management bar by clicking Account Center under Billing & Support.

If you see a Whoops error when you click Account Center, there may be an issue with your account status. Contact us so we can investigate and resolve the issue.

Login link in "Credit Card Billing Failure" email doesn't work

The link in this automatically-generated email is incorrect. Instead:

  1. Log in at your site's Login URL.
  2. Update your billing information in the Account Center.

For more help logging in, visit Login troubleshooting.

Invoice shows the wrong credit card

All Squarespace 5 invoices show the last four digits of the card that's currently on file. This retroactively affects previous invoices, so if you're looking at an older invoice, where you paid with a different card, it will still show the current card on file.

Unfortunately, this happens automatically and there isn't a way to adjust the old invoices in these cases.

Can't reset password for expired sites

If you're trying to recover your password, but you're seeing an "account not available" error message, follow these steps to troubleshoot. 

Can't log into account: Whoops error appears

If you see a Whoops error when logging in, your account name may be formatted incorrectly, or you might be logging into an expired sub-account. To learn more, visit Whoops errors.

Master account can't log into sub-accounts

It's not possible to log into sub-accounts from a master account. Instead:

For more help, visit Managing sub-accounts.

Can't remove sub-account

To remove a sub-account from a master account, contact us.

Can't access invoices on expired sites

To review invoices on expired or canceled sites, follow these steps.

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Accounts and billing known issues