Email support is limited to certain topics

Squarespace 5 is a legacy platform, therefore we limit support to certain topics.

Supported topics

We support the following topics:

Domain management



Moving your site to a newer version

Bugs and errors

Other guides

You might also want to review some of our popular guides below:

Exporting and importing site content

Creating a mobile-friendly site

Optimizing your site for search engines (SEO)

Changing your site structure

Blogging and commenting

Form submissions (including formatting issues)

Site performance and analytics

Style editing

For help with other topics, please visit the Squarespace 5 Help Center.

Why is this happening?

Squarespace 5 is our legacy platform, which launched in 2008. We’re making changes to our support to focus resources on our current platform.

You can keep using Squarespace 5, but we're moving away from offering email support for "educational" topics. Instead, we recommend you explore the Squarespace 5 help center. We'll still provide email support for technical issues.

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Email support is limited to certain topics