Adding a blank page or sidebar widget

With the HTML module, you can add a blank page or sidebar widget to your Squarespace 5 site, and customize it with text, images, and more.

The HTML module has two options:

  • HTML page 
  • Text/HTML sidebar widget
Tip: You don't need to know HTML to use the HTML module.

Step 1 - Add the page or widget

In Structure mode or site Architecture click Add Page or Add Widget.

Choose the module:

  • Page - click HTML
  • Widget - click Text/HTML

Then click Select & Configure, and save and enable the page or widget.

For more help, visit Adding a page and Adding a sidebar widget.


Step 2 - Open the editor

In Content mode, click Edit Page or Edit Widget.


Step 3 - Add content

In the WYSIWYG editor, add your text. Use the icons in the toolbar above to add links, images, code snippets, and image slideshows.

Use the other options to format your text, undo or redo changes, check spelling, and switch to different modes, such as raw HTML.

For more help, visit Using WYSIWYG editors.


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Adding a blank page or sidebar widget