Changing your site title and subtitle

Your site title is the name of your Squarespace 5 site, which could be your own name, a business's name, the name of your blog, or your personal brand. Typically the site title appears on all pages of your site. It always leads to your homepage when it’s clicked.

You can change the site title, subtitle, and topic title in your site's Website Settings area:

  • Site title - The name of your site, which could be your own name, a business name, the name of your blog, or your personal brand.
  • Subtitle - A short piece of text that tells the world what your site is about. Also called a tagline or tag line.
  • Site Topic Title - Displays in browser tabs, helping visitors identify the site at a glance.


Change the text

To change your site's site title and subtitle:

  1. Enter Structure mode.
  2. Click Edit Website Header.


This takes you to the Header & Footer area in Website Settings. You can also get there from the Website Management bar.

Add your text to the fields. When you've finished making changes, click Update Information.

Tip: If you don't see the header text, you may need to remove the banner image.


Site title and subtitle display

The site title appears in your site header. You can:

  • Choose whether it displays above or below the navigation links.
  • Style it in Style Mode.
  • Replace it with a site banner.
  • Use style overrides to give it a different style on specific pages.
  • Choose whether the subtitle displays.

To learn more, visit Building a site header.

Site topic title display

You can choose whether the topic title displays before or after the page name in search settings. We recommend placing page titles before the site name.

To learn more, visit SEO and Squarespace 5.

Tip: You can also change your site's custom domain and built-in domain.
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Changing your site title and subtitle