Adding an FAQ page

Add an FAQ page to your Squarespace 5 site to provide your visitors with answers to frequently-asked questions.

Step 1 - Add an FAQ page

To start building the page, enter Structure mode, add a page to your site, and choose FAQ. Then click Select & Configure.


Step 2 - Set up your page

Use FAQ Options section to set up your FAQ page.

In the Page Display Style drop-down menu, choose what displays on your FAQ landing page:

  • Show section titles only on main FAQ pages
  • Show section titles and questions on main FAQ pages
  • Show section titles, questions, and answer excerpts on main FAQ pages

Check or uncheck Display Author / Updated Tag on Articles to choose whether the author and date display on individual questions.

When you've finished, click Save Page Configuration.

Step 3 - Add a category

  1. In Content mode, click Create a new faq category


  1. In the window that appears, add a category name. You can also include a description.
  2. Click Save & Close.


Step 4 - Add a question

In Content mode, click Add question next to your category.


 In the window that appears:

  1. Add your question in the Question field.
  2. Add the answer in the text field below.
  3. Add relevant tags in the Keywords box (optional). This is a good way to add search terms that don't appear in your answer, to help people find the answer they need. Separate multiple tags with commas.
  4. Choose an author with the Author drop-down menu. 
  5. Click Save & Close.

The question appears on your FAQ landing page. When a visitor clicks the question title, they'll be taken to a separate page with the full answer.

Continue adding categories and questions until your page is finished.


Edit an FAQ

To edit the text of a category or question, enter Content mode, then click its Modify annotation.


To change how entries display, enter Structure mode, then click Configure this page.



Here's your FAQ landing page might look, if you've enabled excerpts:


Here's an individual question page:


And here's the search page:


Squarespace 7 comparison

On our current platform, you can use a pre-built FAQ Layout Page, or add Text Blocks to a blank Layout Page to create a custom FAQ page.

To learn more about moving to Squarespace 7, visit Squarespace 5 vs. newer versions

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