HTML Module

The HTML page is one of the most commonly used modules. It is perfect for simple pages and widgets that only contain text, images, and/or videos. Don't let the name worry you, you don't need to know how to code HTML to use this module; you will be able to use our simple WYSIWYG editor for adding content.

Suggested Uses:

  1. General Content Pages
  2. Embedding Flickr and other sidebar badges
  3. Embedding 3rd party e-newsletter signup forms

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Adding text and HTML to your sidebar

To add text to your sidebar, add a Text/HTML widget. For more information, visit Adding a Widget.

Follow these steps to embed advertising or HTML code into your navigation bar:

  1. Within [Website Management > Structure > Architecture], press the Add Section button where you'd like to add your HTML code. Within Squarespace, a Section represents a chunk on your navigation bar.
  2. Name your Section and click Create Section. This will add a new section to your site.
  3. After returning to Architecture, select Add Widget within your section, and insert a new HTML Widget. Your HTML widget will contain your HTML code.
  4. Return to your site, and click to enter Content Mode and then click the edit section html link above the widget you just added to your navigation bar. You'll also want to set the editor to Raw HTML to paste in your content, so that the browser does not interfere with the code you enter.
Note: Please be careful when adding custom HTML to your site! If you forget to close a tag, your entire site may not display correctly until your inserted code is valid.
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