Adding a comment page

Add a Guestbook page to create a place where visitors can leave comments. This is a good option for enabling people to leave quick thoughts, such as congratulations after a wedding or feedback after an event.

Tip: To create a forum with threaded topics, add a Discussion page.

Before you begin

  • Adding Disqus comments disables commenting on Guestbook pages.
  • Posts show your your members' display names
  • Journal pages and Discussion pages have built-in comments.

Set up the page

Once you've added the page to your site, open the page configuration to change the title or URL, and adjust these settings:

  • Post Ordering - Choose whether to display the oldest comments first, or the newest.
  • Posting Permissions - Choose whether anyone can add posts, only members, or only members with editing permission.
  • Enable CAPTCHA - We recommend disabling CAPTCHA by unchecking this box. This version of CAPTCHA is outdated, and prevents visitors from leaving comments. 
  • Items Per Page - Choose to display 1 to 50 comments per page.

When you're done, click Save Page Configuration, or Create Page if you haven't already.

To add a description below the title, enter Structure mode and click Edit Page Description.

How comments display

The Guestbook page shows all comments in the order you've chosen.


At the bottom of the page, visitors see fields to add their own comment.


Logged-in site members have 15 minutes to make changes to their comments. Members with editing permission also see the option to edit or remove posts. Visitors who aren't logged in can't edit their post once they've created it.


Formatting text

When someone adds a post or follow-up comment, the text field can accept some HTML. Here are the available tags:

  • Links - <a href="" title="">
  • Hover options - <abbr title=""> <acronym title="">
  • Emphasis - <b> <strong> <em> <i> <code> <strike> 
  • Quotes - <blockquote cite="">

For example, this code:

<a href="">Here's a link</a>
<b>Bold</b> | <i>Italic</i> | <strike>Strikeout</strike> | <code>Code</code>
<abbr title="Abbreviation">Abbr</abbr>
<blockquote>Here is some quoted text</blockquote>

Would look like this:


Moderating comments

Site owner

As the site owner, you can manage all comment activity on your site in the Comment & Discussion Management area.


When site members with editing permission are logged in, they can remove or edit comments. They may also want to subscribe to the page to be notified of new posts.

Note: If you're switching to Squarespace 7, Guestbook pages won't import.

Squarespace 7 comparison

On our current platform, you can add a comment page to your site by creating a Blog Page with a single post, then enabling comments. Learn more about blogging on our Squarespace 7 Help site.

To learn about switching to our current platform, visit Squarespace 5 vs. newer versions

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