Adding and configuring a slideshow


The Squarespace Slideshow feature will allow you to create a Picture Gallery within your website and then pull images from that gallery into an animated slideshow. You can embed a slideshow into any page that's supported, as well as add this to your site sidebar.

Note: Slideshows are not supported in legacy V4 sites. You must be using a V5 layout to use this feature. Additionally, slideshows can only be added or edited by site owners.

Step 1 - Create a Picture Gallery

The Slideshow feature uses a Picture Gallery within your Squarespace site as a content source. This means you first need to create a Picture Gallery page and upload images to that gallery. The images you add to the gallery page will be used to populate your slideshow.

Note: Your Picture Gallery must be enabled and it must contain at least 3 images in order to successfully display in your slideshow.

By default, when you add a new Picture Gallery page a navigation link will be created and displayed to your visitors allowing them to view the gallery itself. If you want to hide that gallery page so that it serves only as a storage location for your slideshow, then you can follow the steps in this guide for hiding a page. That way, your slideshow will pull in your images, but the gallery won't be linked or visible within your site navigation.

Step 2 - Add the Slideshow

After creating a gallery to use for storage of your slideshow images, the next step is to open the WYSIWYG Content editor within the page or journal entry where you wish to display the slideshow. After opening the editor, place your cursor in the text input area and then click the slideshow icon to open the slideshow configuration dialog box.

Note: The slideshow can only be added in the WYSIWYG content editing mode. If you are editing in Markdown, Textile, or RAW HTML modes, you will not be able to add the Squarespace slideshow. These are structural elements and cannot be edited by site members at this time.


Step 3 - Configure the Slideshow

The Squarespace Slideshow feature offers various configuration options to allow you to control how those slideshow images display and transition from one image to the next. You can use the drop-down menu at the top to select from which gallery those images should be pulled. You can configure your other slideshow settings as well, depending on how you would like the slideshow to display. All changes you make to your slideshow settings will be updated in real time in the preview screen, so you can test the functionality before saving your changes.

Display your slideshow horizontally, squared, or choose your own aspect ratio. Here's a guide for calculating your own aspect ratio.

Step 4 (Optional) - Advanced Settings

The Advanced option for the slideshow will allow you to add more customization to your gallery images. Click on the image you want to edit in the list, and then make your changes.

You can add a slide title and description for your images that are independent to the titles and descriptions you use within your actual gallery page.

You can also add the link URL for each image in your slideshow. When a visitor clicks on the image, this will open the URL you've linked, and you can check off the box if you want the link to open in a new window.

Step 5 (Optional) - Order and Select Active Images

If you want to arrange your images in a specific order in the slideshow, you can click on an image in the list and move this up or down to change the slideshow order.

The changes you make to the ordering of the images in the slideshow will not affect the original gallery settings.

You can also choose which images in the gallery you want to use for your slideshow. The images that are checked in the list are the active images that will appear in your slideshow. Click on the check to deselect an image. Click on the x to select an image to add it to the slideshow.

Note: The number of images you set to display in your slideshow must match the load count you've set. If you choose to load 15 images, you can only choose 15 images as the active images within the slideshow.

You can choose to view All images, or filter your view to the Active images that you have chosen to display in the slideshow.

Currently the slideshow will allow you to display up to 100 images from within a gallery on your site. If your target gallery contains more than 100 images, only the first 100 will be used for the slideshow.

Notes: If you add or remove images from the Source Gallery, you will need to open and re-save the Slideshow in order for it to update those changes.

Uploading images smaller than the width of the content area where you plan to add the slideshow may result in blurry or pixellated images as the slideshow will enlarge those images to fill the content area. We recommend you consider the width of the area where you want to add the slideshow before uploading the slideshow images to your gallery.
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Adding and configuring a slideshow