Adding a slideshow

In Squarespace 5, you can pull the images from a Picture Gallery into an animated slideshow.

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Before you begin

In Squarespace 5, slideshows:

  • Aren't supported in Legacy Squarespace 4 sites.
  • Can only be added or edited by site owners.
  • Can display up to 100 images. If your Picture Gallery contains more than 100 images, only the first 100 will display for the slideshow.

Step 1 - Create a Picture Gallery

First, add all the images for your slideshow to a Picture Gallery page.

The Picture Gallery page:

  • Must be enabled 
  • Must contain at least three images. The slideshow supports up to 100 images.
  • Should use images that are wider than the content area where the slideshow will display. If the images are smaller, they may appear blurry or pixelated. 
Tip: You can hide the Picture Gallery if you don't want it to display in your navigation.

Step 2 - Add the slideshow

To add the slideshow:

  1. In Content mode, click the edit annotation to open the WYSIWYG editor for a page, blog post, header, footer, or sidebar widget. If you're creating a new page for the slideshow, we'd recommend following these steps to add an HTML page.
  2. Ensure you're in WYSIWYG mode in the top right.
  3. Click the slideshow icon in the top left.


Step 3 - Choose and customize images

In the slideshow editor:

  • Use the drop-down menu to select the Picture Gallery from which the images should be pulled.
  • Use the other options to set up your slideshow's display.
  • If you've filtered your view to Active, any checked images will appear in the slideshow. To remove images, uncheck them. Click the x to to re-add an image. 
  • To arrange your slideshow images, click an image in the list and move it up or down. This won't affect the Picture Gallery display.
  • The number of images you set to display in your slideshow must match the load count you've set. If you choose to load 15 images, you can only choose 15 images as the active images within the slideshow.

The changes will appear in the preview screen, so you can test the functionality before saving your changes.

The Advanced option allows you to add more customization to your gallery images. Click on the image you want to edit:

  • Add a slide title and description - These titles and descriptions won't display ont he Picture Gallery page.
  • Add a clickthrough URL - When a visitor clicks on the image, it will open the URL you've linked. Choose whether you want the link to open in a new window or not.

Once you've finished making changes, click Save & Close.

Updating the slideshow

If you add or remove images from the Picture Gallery, open and re-save the slideshow to reflect those changes.

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