How do I configure a Single Link module?

Single link modules work great for adding a specific, single link to your top or sidebar navigation. From within [Structure > Architecture] you'll want to add a page. Choose the Single Link page type, then click Select & Configure to create this page.

Within the page configuration, add your link text in the Navigation Bar Title field (this is the text that will appear in your top or sidebar navigation). Then add the url for the page you want to link to in the Location (URL) field.

If you would like to prompt a new browser window for this link, you can configure this as well by checking the Show in New Browser Window box.

After configuring this page, select the Create Page link and then enable this module so that it appears within your site.

How do I add another link to a page already in my navigation?

Say you want to add a page link to appear in your top navigation but you also want this to appear on your sidebar navigation area. You can create an additional page link to this same page in your sidebar navigation section by using the Single Link page module, here's how.

1. Add Page

In Structure Editing mode on your sidebar navigation select add page where the link will appear

Choose the Single Link page module when adding a page.

2. Enter Page URL

In the page configuration of the Single Link page module add the site-relative URL for the page you're linking to on your site.

Note: A site relative URL doesn't reference the main portion of the URL. For example, when creating an internal link to a page within your site here:

Use this site-relative URL:


3. Adding links to your sidebar using an HTML widget (optional)

You can also manually add links within a text/HTML widget to recreate links already displaying in your top navigation. When creating a link on your sidebar locate the page by selecting Your Webpages section.

Selecting the Your Webpages link will open a list of page modules already added to your site which are represented as folders. Select a page in the list to automatically create a link to that page, then save and close the link editor to save that link.

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How do I configure a Single Link module?