Creating a login page

To create a login page for yourself or your Squarespace 5 site's members, add a Login Prompt page to your site.

Setting up the Login Prompt page

When logged into your site, click Structure to enter structure editing mode. Then click Add Page next to your site navigation.

Select Login Prompt and click Select & Configure.

Enter a page name in the Page Title field. You can also adjust the following two fields:

  • Navigation Bar Title sets how it displays in your navigation.
  • URL Identifier sets the URL slug.

To customize the greeting message on your login page, replace the text in the Greeting Message field.

Click Create Page.

Your login page will now appear in your site navigation. Hover over it while still in Structure mode and click Enable. You can also enable and move the page in your Architecture

Hiding the login page in your navigation

You can hide the login page so that it doesn't display in your navigation by adding it to a hidden section in your site Architecture. To learn more, visit Hiding a page in the navigation.

Note: Don't disable the login page to hide it, as the URL won't work if a page is disabled.

Login redirects

Create a login redirect to choose the page that members of an audience see after they log in via your login page. For example, you could set up a "homepage" for a particular audience. You can also choose which page members see when they log out.

  1. From the Website Management bar, click Member Permissions under Members & Access.
  2. Click Edit above the audience name.
  3. Scroll to Audience Login/Logout Redirection.
  4. Use the Login Redirect Page and Logout Redirect Page drop-down menus to choose the page they'll see.
  5. Click Save Changes.

If you don't set up a login redirect, members will see the page they were previously on prior to logging in or out.

Tip: Login redirects only apply to member accounts. You can't set up login redirects for site owner or administrator logins.


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