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Squarespace provides a Manage Comments area within the Website Management interface which allows you to manage all your comment activity in one central location.  This tool includes options to view and manage live comments, view and approve comments awaiting moderation as well as view and approve or remove comments suspected as spam.

You can choose from one of two display modes for your blog: Normal mode and Single Entry mode.

  • In Normal mode, comments for your entries are only available in the individual journal entry view. Visitors can click the comments link or journal entry title to view the comments listed for your entry.
  • In Single Entry mode, only the latest entry will display on the main blog landing page. The entry will display in full, including comments.

Step 1 - Access the Manage Comments Area

You can get started by accessing the comment management area.  Click the Website Management link in the upper left of your site and then click the Manage Comments link under the Dashboard heading.

Step 2 - Manage Comments

Once you have accessed the Manage Comments area, you can begin interacting with your live comments, those awaiting moderation and those suspected as spam.

Manage Live Comments

Click the Live Comments link to view and manage all comments which already display on your site.  You may click to select one or multiple comments to manage or click the Select All option to select all comments visible in that area.

After selecting one or more comments that are live, you may click the Remove Selected button to remove the selected comment(s) or click the Remove & Report as Spam button to both remove the comment(s) and report it(them) as spam to help our system learn about spam comments.

Note: Once a comment has been removed or removed & reported as spam the comment will be permanently deleted.

Manage Comments Awaiting Moderation

Click the Comments Awaiting Moderation link to view anonymous comments that are awaiting approval by an administrator.  Just like the Live Comments, you may select one or multiple moderated comments to apply changes to them. After selecting one or multiple comments to manage, you may click the Approve Selected button to approve the comment(s) to be published on your site.  You also have the option to apply the Remove Selected and Remove & Report as Spam options to the comment(s) in this area.

Note: Once you have approved a comment, it will display in the Live Comments section and will no longer display in the Comments Awaiting Moderation section.

Manage Suspected Spam Comments

Click the Suspected Spam link to view all comments Squarespace suspects as spam comments.  As with other comment areas, you will have the option to select one or more comments take action on those comments. After selecting one or more comments, click  Approve Selected, Remove Selected or Remove & Report as Spam to take action on the suspected spam comments.

Step 3 - Confirm Changes

After clicking any of the action buttons in the Manage Comments area (approve selected, remove selected or remove & report as spam) you will be prompted to confirm that change before the system takes action.  Click the Confirm button that appears to confirm your changes and take the chosen action.

Note: Requiring approval of anonymous comments (known as moderating comments) is optional and can be configured within the configuration menu for your journal page.  Please review our guide on changing comment permissions for more information about enabling moderation.  If you do not have comment moderation enabled you will only see sections for Live Comments and Suspected Spam in the Manage Comments area.

Removing spam comments

You can remove spam or trackback references one of two ways:

  1. By clicking modify post on your Journal entry and navigating to the references tab. From there, you can select which references you would like to keep or remove.

  2. By navigating to [Dashboard > Manage Comments] within your site manager. This area of your manager gives you an overview of all commenting activity on your site and lets you report spam and remove references you object to. 

    Click the select link for the reference then, in the options that appear at the top of the page, click remove to delete an unwanted reference, or remove and report as spam to remove spam references (this will add the information to the spam filter, to prevent references like this in the future).

    Note: You can select multiple references in the list and click to remove them all at once.

You can also use the third-party service Disqus.

Can I restrict HTML in comments on my site?

Yes. This is available from [Website Management > Structure > Website Settings > Editing/Commenting] in your Site Manager. Locate the Comment Formatting Preferences section, and choose your settings from the drop down menu there.

Note: If you restrict HTML in comments, all code will be escaped, and URLs added to the comment will be turned into links automatically.

How do I disable journal comments?

You can disable comments by accessing the page configuration and scrolling down to the Presentation Options section. Uncheck the box to Enable comments by default.  Once this is unchecked, this will disable comments on all journal entries going forward.

Note: This will not disable comments on existing entries.

To disable comments on an existing post, switch to Content Editing Mode, click the modify button to edit the entry, and uncheck the box to Enable Comments within the editor. This will prevent any further comments from being added to the post. Don't forget to save & close the entry to save those changes.

Additionally, you can automatically disable comments after a specified time period (between 1 and 90 days). Under the Presentation Options section within the page configuration enter a number from 1 to 90 to activate this feature.

Note: If you add this setting, comments will be disabled automatically for all new entries you create. This will not apply to any previously created entries.


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