Adding A Links Page or Widget

Share links on your site with this easy-to-use module. Display a simple list, or organize your links into separate groups.

Links modules are useful for displaying lists of links within your website. They allow you to organize links into groups of your own choosing and can be added as either pages or widgets.


Suggested Uses:

  1. Share links
  2. Share groups of links

Step 1: Add A Links module

To add a Links module to your site, use these steps for adding a page, or, these steps for adding a widget to your preference. Select the Links module option and enable it.


Step 2: Create Link Groups and Add Links

Navigate to your Links page or widget and from Content Mode  click the create a new link group button. 

Add a Title and (optional) Description to your preference for your link group. 

After creating your link group, you can begin adding links by clicking the add link button.

When linking to pages internal to your site, you can use a site relative URL. However, links that are external and outside of your own site pages will require the full http:// path in order to direct correctly.

You will want to place your link URL in the URL field of the Create Link dialogue screen. 

Step 3: Editing Links 

You can modify or remove links to your preference in Content Mode  using the editing options that appear below each link. 

When modifying a link, click Save & Close in the editor to save your changes.  

When removing a link, select the Confirm option to complete the process of deleting that link from your page or widget. 

There are also other ways to create links within your site. You can learn more about additional options for creating links in this helpful FAQ

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Adding A Links Page or Widget