Adding Amazon items

You can add an Amazon List page or sidebar widget to display and link to items on Amazon. When a visitor clicks the item, they'll be directed to its page on Amazon. This is a great way to highlight an item you're selling, promoting, or reviewing without third-party code embeds.

Step 1 - Add the page or widget 

In Structure mode or site Architecture, click Add Page or Add Widget and choose Amazon Item List. Then click Select & Configure.

For more help, visit Adding a page and Adding a sidebar widget.


Step 2 - Configure the list

In the configuration area, use the Amazon List Options section to set up your search field.

  • Display 'View On Amazon' Link - Include a text link to each item.
  • Display Author Information - Include the author or manufacturer information for each item.
  • Amazon Server - Choose the version of Amazon you use, such as or
  • Items Per Page - Choose to display 1 to 50 items at a time.
  • Amazon Associate ID - Add your Associates ID to ensure you're properly credited for Amazon's Associate program.

When you're finished, save and enable the page or widget.


Step 3 - Search for items

In Content mode, click Add A New Item.


In the window that appears, search for the item by ASIN/ISBN number, or by keyword. You can also use the drop-down menu to filter your search by category.

Use the WYSIWYG field at the bottom to add a description.

When you're done, click Save & Close.

Tip: Entering the item's ASIN is the best way to find the correct item.


Change or remove items

In Content mode, click Modify or Remove to edit or delete an item.


Add an Amazon Associates ID

To ensure you're properly credited for Amazon's Associate program, add your Associates ID in the configuration area. After adding your ID, our integration creates the link for every item in the list. If you change the ID, every item in the list will update to reflect the new ID.

Find the ASIN

Entering the item's ASIN is the best way to find the correct item. The ASIN usually displays in the Product information on Amazon.


Regional settings

If you've set a site locale, the links will automatically connect to the Amazon store for your location.

For example, if you set your site locale to United Kingdom, the Amazon list will link to


I'm seeing an error message

This is due to an issue on Amazon's end. Wait a few hours and try the search again.


Why does my Amazon Items search take a long time?

If the drop-down menu says All Items, you're searching all products on Amazon, which can take a long time.

To speed up your search, we recommend you use the drop-down menu to choose a category, or add the specific ASIN code from the item's Product Details section.


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