Adding and Configuring an Amazon Item List Module

Quickly search for and display products sold on Authors can list their own books, watchmakers their own watches sold through Amazon, or list recommended products that compliment your site topic or services. Add your Amazon Affiliate ID to get commissions on sales initiated from your site.

Suggested Uses:

  1. Display Your Products as Listed on
  2. Show products related to your services

An Amazon Item List can be added to your Squarespace site as a page or as a widget. It allows you to search Amazon sites directly and locate items you would like to display for sale to your site visitors. If you have an Amazon affiliate ID, you can also receive commissions on sales generated through your Squarespace site.

Note:The option to link items to an Amazon Associate ID is not an option for Trial accounts. You must be signed up for a paid Squarespace account in order to link items to an Amazon Associated ID.

Step 1 - Add the Amazon List Module

To add an Amazon list to your site, use these steps for adding a page, or, these steps for adding a widget according to your preference. Select the Amazon Items List module and enable it.

You can then begin searching and adding items to create your list. Enter Content Mode to access the editor and select the add a new item link.

Step 2 - Locate Amazon Items

You can locate Amazon items from within the content editor by searching keywords, titles, or by ASIN/ISBN number.

To more quickly locate items to display in your Amazon list, you can use the drop down field next to the Search Amazon button in the content editor to select a category; this will help narrow down your search.

For example, if you know you are looking for a book, you can drop down to the Books category in the Amazon item list. Then use keywords, titles or other descriptive terms to search in that specific category. Drilling down to a category speeds up your search time. 

Another way to quickly search items is by the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). This is a unique identifer that can be found in the browser url bar for an Amazon item: 

The ASIN can also be found on an item's product detail page. Note that for books, the ASIN will be always be the same as the ISBN number; for all other items such as CD's, DVD's etc. the ASIN will be a unique number assigned by Amazon:

Step 3 - Add Amazon Items

Once you've located your item, you can click on it to insert that into your Amazon page or widget. You can also add additional content as well as modify or remove items you've added to your Amazon list.

To modify an item, select the modify link to add or edit text, images or other content directly via the WYSIWYG editor. To remove an item, select the remove link.

Once you've completed the above steps, you can then Save & Close the editor to save your changes. 

If you're an Amazon affiliate, you can also include your affiliate ID within your links. You can learn more about Amazon's affiliate program here

Step 4 - Add your Amazon Associate ID (Optional)

To add your Amazon Associate ID, click configure for your Amazon Item List Page or Widget. Then enter your ID number in the Amazon Associate ID box.

Why does my Amazon Items search take a long time?

If you select All Items within the category pull-down, this will search the entire catalog for a keyword -- which will take longer.  We recommend changing the category pull-down to search within a specific category to speed this up.  Alternately, use the ASIN Code from within's Product Details section to search quickly for specific items.

Note: If you need help adding or configuring your Amazon Item List, please review our guide for this topic.

How do I link to Amazon items from or another localized Amazon?

By setting your country within [Structure > Website Management > Locale] from within your website manager, Squarespace will automatically create links to the Amazon store within your locale.

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Adding and Configuring an Amazon Item List Module