Managing blog posts

Journal Post Management is available from [Website Management > Dashboard > Manage Posts]. This allows you to interact with all of your journal entries in a database-oriented fashion -- you have to ability to sort all of your entries by all, published, scheduled and drafts, as well as by journal, author, time period, and category/tag.

Can I sticky a journal entry?

No. However, you can add content to the page header for the journal page to have this display above your entry list on the main page. When viewing the main journal page, click the cubes icon in the upper right of the screen to switch to Structure Editing Mode

How can I move or merge journal entries?

You have the option of merging entries between journal pages within your Squarespace site. This is particularly useful when organizing entries that have been imported using the Blog Importer.

1. Switch to Content Editing mode

While logged in to your site and viewing your journal page, enter Content editing mode.

2. Select a Post to Merge

Click the Organize button above the post you'd like to move.

3. Choose the Destination Journal

Select a journal page from the listing of journal pages in your site

Once a page is selected Click the Save & Close button to merge your entry. This will not make a copy of the entry and will completely move this to the other page.

Note: You will need to reapply any tags or categories assigned to each merged entry; as this process will remove any of these items that have been applied on the original page.

How can I delete a post?

In the Manage Posts section, click Remove. Note that deleting a post is permanent and can't be undone.


Is it possible to tell Squarespace to auto-publish my entries on a certain time?

Yes. From the More Options tab (in the lower right) while composing an entry, there is a Publish On field that will allow you to specify a date for article publishing. Please note that this field will only be present if the Published checkbox is not checked (as you can't set an entry to publish in the future if you've already published it).

Need more help with this? See this short video illustrating the steps.

When I click save can users immediately see my content?

Yes. Once you've saved content to your site it is immediately live on your Squarespace site. Pushing the save button is your one and only step.

Can I remove the date from the journal URLs?

Yes. You can configure the journal URLs to remove the date in the configuration settings for your journal page. In the configuration window, scroll down to Presentation Options and uncheck the setting for Prefix Entry URLs with Publish Date. See this screenshot:

Note: If this change is made to a journal with previously written entries, the URL structure will only apply to new entries going forward. All journal posts prior to the configuration change would need to be re-saved manually. This will change the URL of any re-saved entries, however, so existing links would need to be updated.

How do I change the ordering of entries for my blog?

By default Squarespace journals are set to display entries in chronological order, with your latest entry at the top.  

Move a single entry

To move a single entry, simply modify the entry's post date.

Step 1 - Modify the entry you wish to move

While in Content Editing mode, click the modify link to edit your entry.

Step 2 - Access the post options

Click on the OPTIONS button to access the entry's Post Date

Step 3 - Change the Post Date

Click on the date under the Post Date section to bring up the calendar picker.  Using the calendar picker, choose a date and time for the entry that positions it where you wish in relation to your existing posts.

Click the Save & Close button.

Change the order for all entries

You can also change the ordering of your journal entries in the configuration for your journal page.

Step 1 - Access the Journal Configuration

Switch to Structure Editing Mode for reconfiguring a page, widget or section.

Step 2 - Choose your ordering method

Scroll down within the configuration to the drop-down menu for display style and select your ordering style.

The options for display style are:

  • Order by date, with newest entries first (this is the default, and the most widely used for blogging)
  • Order by date, with oldest entries first
  • Order alphabetically, A-Z
  • Order alphabetically, Z-A

Click the Save Page Configuration button.

Note: Choosing the option to order entries alphabetically will order entries alphabetically based on the entry title.  Numeric titles, if used, will appear first (if choosing A-Z ordering) or last (if choosing Z-A ordering).

Changing your Post Element Configuration 

The Post Element is a term used to refer to different pieces of information that display on the top and/or bottom of every Journal Entry within your Journal Page module.  This includes comments, date, share article, posted by, etc.

1.  Move a Post Element

To change where these elements display, access the configuration for your journal page.  In the configuration screen, hover your mouse over the element of your choice.  A cross-hair symbol or hand icon will appear (depending on your browser) which will allow you to drag that particular element to a new location.  

There are 5 separate lines within which you can move and display these post elements for your entries.

  1. Directly above your entry title
  2. Directly below your entry title and above your entry text
  3. Directly below your entry text
  4. Directly below the third post element row, above the fifth
  5. Directly below the fourth post element row, above your next journal entry tag

Once you have arranged your elements in the order and location you want them to appear, be sure to click Save Page Configuration at the bottom of the configuration screen to apply these changes to your journal.

2.  Remove a Post Element 

The last row within the Post Element section in your configuration screen is reserved for all Post Elements that are not currently being used.  Any element saved while located within this row will not appear on your journal entries.  

To remove a post element, hover your mouse over the element of your choice.   A cross-hair symbol or hand icon will appear (depending on your browser) which will allow you to drag that element to the Unused Post Elements section.

After moving the element, be sure to Save Page Configuration to apply this change to your entries.

Note: In the screenshot above, the elements that will not appear in the journal entry tag are Email Article, Print Article, Permalink, and HTML Snippet 1.

3. Modify Post Element Text

Each element can be customized to personalize the text.  To customize an element, click on the element in the list.  A small edit window will open in the upper right of the configuration screen.  

Make your changes there, and then click to hide and save.  Be sure to click Save Page Configuration when you're finished to apply your changes to the journal.

For more information on modifying the HTML Snippet Post Elements, see our detailed guide here.

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