Setting up Google Workspace (previously G Suite) for Squarespace 5

Google Workspace is a service that allows you to set up an email address on your custom domain. For example, if your domain is, you can sign up for Google Workspace to get an email address like You'll also get access to other Google Workspace features like Google Calendar and Google Drive.

It's not possible to sign up for Google Workspace from Squarespace 5. Instead, you'll create an account through Google and connect it to your Squarespace 5 site.

Before you begin

If you want a new custom email address through Google Workspace, this might be a good time to consider moving to Squarespace 7. Squarespace 7 has more sophisticated options, including the ability to register new Google Workspace accounts directly through the Squarespace interface. Learn more on our Squarespace 7 help site.

Step 1 - Set your primary domain

To set up an email address using Google Workspace, first make your domain the primary domain for your site.

In your Website Management bar, click Custom Domain under Structure. Hover over your domain and click Make Primary.

Note: If you only have one domain listed for your account, it will automatically be listed as your primary domain.

If you're using a domain you purchased through Squarespace, toggle on the Google Apps feature.

Step 2 - Create a Google Workspace account

Sign out of any existing Google accounts, as this will conflict with the initial setup process, then visit to create a Google Workspace account.

Note: For more information on signing up for Google Workspace, review Google's documentation.

Step 3 - Download the Google verification HTML file

Before Google confirms your email address, you'll prove ownership of your domain by uploading an HTML file to your site.

When you get to the Verify your domain and set up email page:

  1. Click Choose a different method.
  2. Click Upload HTML file.
  3. Click Download the HTML Verification File.
Tip: To see this option if you've exited the Google Workspace setup flow, go to

Step 4 - Upload the Google HTML file

In a new tab or browser window, log into your Squarespace 5 site. In your Website Management bar, click Custom Domain under Structure.

Under your primary domain, click Upload Google HTML File and select the file you downloaded from Google.

After the file uploads, you'll see a message confirming the successful upload.

Step 5 - Complete your Google Workspace setup

Return to the Google Workspace tab to complete the verification and setup of your Google Workspace account.

Note: The verification process can take several minutes. If you recently connected or registered the domain, please allow up to 72 hours for domain changes to process before verifying your domain ownership with Google Workspace.

Step 6 - Add MX records

If you're using a domain you purchased through Squarespace, this step is already done for you.

For custom domains you purchased from a third-party (like GoDaddy or 1&1), you must create MX records for your domain that point to Google Workspace. Learn how with Google's instructions.

If you're not sure how to set this up in your provider's interface, contact your domain provider for assistance.

Step 7 - Set up your email addresses with Google Workspace

Once you verify your domain and set your MX records, you can set up user accounts within Google Workspace using these steps from Google's documentation.

Note: For more help with Google Workspace, visit Google Workspace Help and Learning Center.

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Setting up Google Workspace (previously G Suite) for Squarespace 5