Can I import entries from another blogging system?

Yes. In the [Data & Media > Blog Importer] section of your website manager you will find an area to import from Movable Type, TypePad, Wordpress and Blogger. The importing tool will also match up authors from your previous blog entries to authors in your Squarespace account based on Display Name.

In addition, we provide specific instructions for importing from different services:

Note: Trial accounts only permit you to import the most recent 20 entries into your Trial account. You can only do a full import within a paid account at this time.

Will my imported Squarespace blog be updated by my old blog service?

No.  When you import content into Squarespace this makes a copy of your entries and brings them into a new Squarespace journal page.  You can add new entries to your Squarespace blog using the Squarespace editor, or by posting to your site with a blogging client.

Alternately, publishing a new post to your imported blog within Squarespace will not transfer posts to your old blog -- these blogs are separate after you have imported the content.

See this related entry here on how to import your blog into Squarespace.

Can I import entries from RSS?

No. While we initially had an RSS importing function, it was too complex to get most systems to publish enough information to accurately obtain a reasonable Journal from the data. We recommend using a Movable Type export file for transferring data to Squarespace.

Note: We have a RSS Social Widget you can add to your site to display RSS feeds in your sidebar. We have more information here about adding a RSS Social Widget widget to your site.

Redirecting Permalinks in Imported Blogs

After importing your blog, please follow these steps to ensure your links are working correctly.

  1. Permalinks from your original blog should automatically redirect to links on your Squarespace site:
    Example: >
  2. Test that the redirects work by copy and pasting your old blog's permalink URL slugs (link content after the URL - for , content.html would be the "slug") to your new Squarespace domain.  Your imported page should load:
    Example: >
  3. When you're comfortable with how the redirects work, redirect your domain to Squarespace:
    Example: >

Note: Search results or links to your old domain will not redirect to your Squarespace site until you update your old links with re-directs to the new URLs. The redirect works on the SLUG portion of the URL, so a domain mapping is not necessary to test the request path redirect.  The domain mapping is only necessary for the site to actually receive requests for the old URL from the rest of the internet.

Squarespace does not have control over the reindexing of your pages on search engines or external sites.

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Can I import entries from another blogging system?