Creating Journal Excerpts

Instead of displaying your full entry on the main journal page you can display an entry excerpt on journal entries. This will display your excerpt text with a link that users can click to view the full entry.

Step 1 - Enable Excerpt Feature

To add excerpts you'll need to configure the excerpt feature on your journal page. When viewing the journal page in Structure Editing mode , click the configure link for the journal page.

In the Journal Page Configuration screen, scroll down to the Presentation Options section. Check the box to Display Excerpts in Journal. Click Save Page Configuration to save your changes.

Step 2 - Select Excerpt Text

When creating your journal entry, highlight the text you'd like to set as your excerpt, and click the define excerpt icon in your edit window (next to the spellcheck icon) to set your entry excerpt text.

Step 3 (Optional) - Manually Set Excerpt

You can set your excerpt text manually. Click the summary button in the lower right of the edit window, and add your text to the excerpt field.

Step 4 - Save & Close, View Excerpts

Excerpts will now be shown on the main (list view) page of your journal. A "read more..." link prompts readers to click to see the full post.

Step 5 (optional) - Select an image within your excerpt

One option for adding an image within your entry excerpt is to select that image along with your highlighted text. With your desired excerpt text selected along with the image you want to include, just click the Define Excerpt button to set the excerpt.

Step 6 (optional) - Add image directly to the excerpt

Another option for adding an image to the excerpt text is to select the HTML for the image and add it directly to the Summary area of your entry. Just click the HTML link in the editor to view your code for the entry.

Then copy the code for your image (and text you want to use), and manually copy and paste this to the excerpt field.

Note: If you click the excerpt button while no text is highlighted, this will remove the excerpt you've set.

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Creating Journal Excerpts