Supported browsers

Squarespace 5 supports most web browsers for viewing and editing sites on a computer, and Chrome and Safari browsers for viewing sites on mobile devices. We focus our support on the most recent version of most major browsers.

Supported Browsers

You can use the following browsers to edit and view your Squarespace site:

Here are a few things to note:

  • We recommend using the latest browser version available to your operating system.
  • Beta versions of browsers aren't supported.
  • You can view your site on a touchscreen device, but may have issues editing it.
  • Browser add-ons or extensions might interfere with site editing. We may ask you to disable them when helping you troubleshoot certain issues. 

Display may vary by browser

Every browser has different ways of displaying websites, this is because each browser uses its preferred rendering engine. Minor differences in how your site appears from one browser to another are completely normal.

Important browser settings

The following settings must be enabled on browsers used for editing:

  • Cookies - Cookies must be enabled in your browser. Blocking cookies may limit your ability to edit your site. To learn more, visit our Cookie Policy.
  • JavaScript - Must be enabled to access your site's editing functions. Avoid running programs that block JavaScript, most commonly anti-virus software. Blocking JavaScript can interfere with browser functions required to manage and edit your Squarespace site.

Browser window resolutions

Your computer's screen size determines the maximum browser window resolution. For the best experience editing your site, use a browser window at least 1280 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall.

For help finding your browser window's size, visit What's My Browser Size?

Mobile browsing

Squarespace 5 sites are optimized for viewing in Chrome and Safari's mobile browsers.

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