Regaining access to your site

If you're seeing an "Account not available" error message page when you try to view or access your Squarespace 5 website, one of three things has happened:

  1. Your account has been cancelled. You’re accessing an account that was previously on a paid hosting plan, but was cancelled or set to expire.
  2. Your account has been suspended. This is due to an unpaid invoice, which can be caused by an expired credit card or other billing failure.
  3. Your account has been deactivated. This is usually due to a Terms of Service violation.

We’ll try to contact you to resolve any issues before suspending or deactivating your account. As stated in our Terms of Service, we require that you keep a valid email address on file at all times for this reason. 

Tip: If you're moving to Squarespace 7 and seeing this error message, you'll need to temporarily reactivate your Squarespace 5 site to move its content to your new site.

This guide will help you regain access to your site.

Note: If you’re not seeing this error message but are having trouble logging into your site, visit Login troubleshooting instead. 

Reactivate your site

Click the Login button in the top-right, and attempt to log in by entering your account name and password.

Tip: If you don't see the Login button, ensure you're logging in at the direct URL, and that the URL starts with http: instead of https:

If you can log in

If you can log in, your site was either cancelled or suspended. When you log in, you won’t have access to the content or editing functions of the account. You’ll be taken to your Account Center.

  • If your account has been suspended, check your billing information and then either pay your past-due invoice or sign up for new paid service.
  • If your account was cancelled, click the green Reactivate button to reactivate paid service on your account.

If you can’t log in

If you can’t log in, your site has been deactivated. Contact us to resolve the issue.

Reactivate a sub-account

To reactivate a sub-account:

  1. Log into the master account site.
  2. In the Website Management bar, click Account Center under Billing & Support.
  3. Click the sub-account you want to reactivate.
  4. In the management tray that slides out, choose a billing plan from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Buy Account.

Your sub-account is now reactivated. You don't need to fill out your billing information again, unless you want to make changes.


More help

If you can’t regain access to your site, if you forgot your password, or if you don't see a Login button on the error page, open a ticket so we can investigate the issue.

Note: You’ll receive an auto-reply shortly after submitting the ticket. We respond to every ticket we receive. If you haven’t received a reply after 24 hours, check your email inbox’s spam folder before resubmitting your request.
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Regaining access to your site