Editing the settings for a page, widget, or section

Every page, widget, and section has a configuration area where you can change the title and other settings.

There are two options once you log in:

  • Structure mode - Configure any page, widget, or section that's visible when you're on a page of your site.
  • Architecture area - Configure any page, widget, or section on your site.

The available options depend on the page or widget. 

Option 1 - Structure mode

To open configuration, enter Structure mode.

For pages and widgets:

  • Hover over any navigation link or sidebar widget and click Configure
  • Click Configure This Page to configure the page you're on.

For sidebar sections:

  • Click Edit next to any section.


Option 2 - Architecture area

To configure all pages, widgets, and sections on your site, including hidden ones, open the Website Management bar and click Architecture under Structure. Then:

  • Hover over any page or widget and click Configure.
  •  Click Modify in any section.


Page configuration

The options depend on the page type, but all pages include:

  • Page Title - The page title appears in browser address bars and may appear in search engine results. It also appears in Architecture and the access log. It may appear on the page, depending on the page type. 50 characters or fewer.
  • Navigation Bar Title - The navigation title represents the page in your navigation menu. 50 characters or fewer.
  • URL Identifier - This comes after your site URL and creates the page's direct URL. For example, if you add blog in this field, the page's direct URL would be yoursiteurl.com/blog. 30 characters or fewer.
  • Description - Search engines might use your page description in search results if they can’t find more relevant content to a visitor's search terms. 350 characters or fewer.
Tip: When you create a page, adding a title auto-populates the navigation bar title and URL identifier. You can change them manually.

Page configuration also always includes an Advanced Options & Style Overrides section:

  • Style Override - Create a customized look separate from your site style.
  • Banner Override - Add a banner to the page.
  • Track Changes - Choose whether updates display in the change log.

To learn about a specific page type, visit Pages and widgets overview.

Widget configuration

The options depend on the widget type, but all widgets include an Internal Title field. This is the name that displays in the Architecture area. It doesn't display on your live site. 50 characters or fewer.

To learn about a specific widget, visit Pages and widgets overview.

Section configuration

All sections have these options:

  • Title - Displays in the Architecture area. For sidebar sections, the title displays above the widgets in that section. 100 characters or fewer.
  • Display Control - Choose when the section and all its widgets displays on your site.

To learn more about sections, visit Organizing your site.

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Editing the settings for a page, widget, or section