Creating drop-down navigation menus

You can place multiple pages into a menu in your navigation or sidebar using the Folder page type.

Folders display differently in the top navigation and sidebars. In the top navigation, folders create a drop-down menu. 




In sidebars, they create a stacked menu of links.

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Step 1 - Add a folder

Open Structure Mode and click Add Page. Choose the Folder page type and click Select & Configure.

Step 2 - Configure the folder

Add your Page Title, then select a Folder Display Method to choose what happens when a visitor clicks on the folder name within the navigation.

  • None (Recommended) - Clicking the folder name reveals or hides the drop-down menu.
  • Redirect To Page - Clicking the folder name in your sidebar takes you to a page within the folder. Choose the page it takes you to by setting the front page.
  • Folder Overview - Clicking the folder name takes you to an overview page that lists the folder's pages and descriptions. Edit the descriptions in Content Mode.

Click Create Page, then hover over the folder link while in Structure Mode and click Enable.

Step 3 - Add pages to the folder

To add pages to your folder, open the Website Management bar in the top-left and click Architecture in the Structure section.

Drag the pages into your folder.

  • Folder pages in sidebars can contain up to 3 tiers of navigation (2 nested folders). 
  • Folders in the top navigation don't support nested folders.

Setting a front page

If you selected the Redirect To Page configuration in Step 2, set a front page to determine which link your visitors will go to when they click the folder name.

  1. Open your Architecture as you did in Step 3.
  2. Hover over the page name and click Configure
  3. Click Set As Front Page
Note: You can't set a Single Link page type as a front page.

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Creating drop-down navigation menus