Creating a File Storage Page and Adding Files to It

The File Storage page allows you to upload and store files directly within that page, and will present a list of files that visitors can click to download from your site.


Suggested Uses:

  1. Share Files
  2. Share More Files

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How do I use File Storage?

I can't upload files.

This guide will explain how to add a file storage module to your site, then upload files to it.

Step 1 - Add File Storage Page

Enter Structure Mode and click the add page button. Within the page types list choose File Storage, and click to Select and Configure.

Fill in the Module Title, Navigation Bar Title, and URL Identifier. Also choose whichever additional module configuration settings you'd like and then press the Create Module button.

Step 2 - Enable the File Storage Module

You will now be taken back to your Architecture section. Before the module can appear on your site, you must first enable it. Click the Enable button under the module name.

Step 3 - Add Files to the File Storage Module

Return to your website view and you should see the new file storage module listed in your navigation bar. Click on it to view its contents.

Finally, we have to add files to the file storage module in order for users to view and download them. Click the upload button on the gray editing bar above the module title.

You will now be taken to the File Upload Dialog. Here, click Browse button and select the file from your computer you wish to upload to your Squarespace site. Once you have selected the file, click Upload.

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Creating a File Storage Page and Adding Files to It