I can't upload files.

There are many problems that can prevent or hamper your ability to upload files to your Squarespace site, so here's a brief review of the most common issues with uploading files.

Check the file size

File sizes are probably the most common reason for upload troubles. If you are uploading photos within a Picture Gallery page, you cannot upload any single image file larger than 5MB. Additionally, files uploaded to the File Storage area of your Squarespace site should not exceed 20MB in size.

Check your storage capacity

Make sure to always be aware of how much storage space you have if you use a pricing plan with limited storage. Trial accounts are limited to only 20MB of storage space and our Standard pricing plan as well as Legacy pricing plans do have storage limitations. So if you are on a Trial account or a paid hosting plan with storage limits and having upload issues, you can navigate to [Website Management > Data & Media > File Storage] to view your current resource usage. 

Other Potential Issues

  1. Internet Explorer -- If you're using Internet Explorer, the problem is likely that your browser is not loading the ActiveX upload component, either due to security restrictions or due to a conflict with other software you have installed. You can disable the ActiveX uploading on Squarespace via: [Website Management > Website Settings > Editing/Commenting] under the File Transfer Preferences section.

  2. Browser Add-ons/Extensions -- If you are running any add-ons or extensions within your web browser, those can sometimes conflict with Squarespace system scripts. These include but are not limited to: Ad-Blockers, Pop-up Blockers and Toolbars of any kind. Try disabling these add-ons or extensions if you find yourself having trouble uploading. If you need help disabling these extensions, please review our guide for disabling extensions.

  3. Anti-virus Programs -- Anti-virus software can also cause issues, such as programs like Norton.  Try disabling the software or whitelisting squarespace.com.

  4. Flash -- Be sure to check that you have the most recent version of Flash (and the flash plugin) installed within your system and web browser. Our uploader uses flash technology to provide upload functionality, so if you have an older version installed, that could be causing your upload issues. You can update your Flash player at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

  5. Firewalls -- Do you have any software or hardware firewalls installed within your computer or your router? If you do, you should try uploading after you disable those firewalls to see if there might be firewall settings preventing you from successfully uploading files.

  6. Proxy Server -- Are you accessing the internet through a proxy server? Proxy servers are an intermediary between your computer and the servers at Squarespace, so information or upload requests can be lost or timeout when you access your site through a proxy server. Try accessing from another location or internet connection to see if that resolves your upload issue.

  7. Web Browser -- Are you using an updated version of your web browser of choice? Most browsers offer a setting to allow them to automatically download install the most recent updates, but many of us don't enable that setting and as a result can be stuck using an older version of our preferred browser. You can see our Browser Support page for more information on what browsers are supported by Squarespace as well as links to download those browsers.

  8. Connection Type -- If you are using a wireless internet connection, you might want to try plugging directly into your router or cable modem to see if that resolves any uploading issue. Wireless connections can sometimes be unstable or inconsistent, so uploading with a wired connection may help.

  9. Bandwidth/Connection Quality -- You can also try a speed test using any number of internet based bandwidth testing applications to make sure your connection is strong enough to support a stable upload. Below are some options for speed testing:

Note: If you're having issues uploading a ZIP file, please see our troubleshooting guide for ZIPs.
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