Can I advertise within my Squarespace website?

Yes, you can include advertisements within your Squarespace site using services like Google AdSense. You will have to sign up with the third party service you choose to display ads on your site. Note that Squarespace does not provide this content, and we don't restrict your ability to include advertisements on your site in any way.

How does advertising on the web work?

Advertising on the internet generally falls into two categories:

  1. Pay Per Click — The most popular form of advertising for individuals and small businesses. This allows you to pay for traffic on a per-click basis, usually though a bidding process. Google's AdWord program currently has the largest program for pay per click advertising, and the most exposure.
  2. Pay Per Impression — If you're interested in spending a large amount of money, pay per impression advertising (the banners that appear on most news sites, for example), allows you to reach wider audiences with your messaging. Pick a site and inquire about rates. Depending on the industry and site, this may be an affordable method for exposure.
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Can I advertise within my Squarespace website?