What is the difference between a limited editor and an editor?

A limited editor is a concept that applies to your Journal page only. Limited editors can create posts and modify their own posts, but they cannot publish posts. By default, entries authored by limited editors will be saved as drafts and require approval from a full editor (or the site owner) in order for their posts to be published live to your site. 

However, you can set permissions allowing limited editors to fully publish entries if you choose. To enable this option, navigate to the Members & Access > Member Permissions area of your site and click to edit the member audience that the limited editor is assigned to:

From there, scroll down to the Advanced Options section and check the box to Allow Limited Editor Publishing. Then, click Save Changes to apply this to your site. 

In contrast to a limited editor, full editors can create and publish their own posts as well as approve and publish posts made by limited editors. Full editors also have the ability to access and modify page content anywhere they have editor permissions. You can learn more about editors and other member and audience features here

Note: Setting limited editor permissions for other pages besides the journal page is the same as setting the permissions to visible for that audience. Additionally, slideshows can only be added or edited by site owners.
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What is the difference between a limited editor and an editor?