Trackback pings and references

A trackback ping is a method for establishing a link between two sites. For example, if you write a blog post, and someone else on the web writes about that post, they can send a trackback ping to your post and create a link between the entries.

Within Squarespace you can also select permission settings to enable or disable the ability to create trackbacks. From within the Journal page configuration under Commenting/Permission Options, you can select the Reference Permissions setting of your choosing from the drop down selector, then check the field to Allow Trackbacks to enable this in your site. 

To completely disable the ability to send trackback pings to your site, simply uncheck the Allow Trackbacks field completely.

Remember to click on the Save Page Configuration button when you have finished editing to save your changes. 

Can Squarespace send trackback pings?

Yes. While writing an entry in your Journal, you can send a ping by navigating to the "Options" screen and filling in a URL to trackback in the Send Trackbacks field.

Can Squarespace receive trackback pings?

Yes. Any entry in your Journal can receive trackback pings if this is enabled via your journal's configuration.  Visitors can obtain your Trackback URL by clicking the my response is on my own website link under the comments box.  This will direct them to the Trackback URL link they can use to ping your en

What is a 'Reference' within a Squarespace blog post?

Squarespace provides a system for creating citations on blog posts -- and we call these citations references. References can be used to cite sources for a blog post, and we incorporate the notion of a Trackback into our references feature in order to let other bloggers add to your post if they write about something you've published. This allows for a system that links sources, associated articles, and future content within one area.

Creating a Reference

To create a reference to an entry (from another site) on your journal,  click the Reference button at the bottom of the editor screen.  Select the appropriate reference type from the drop down menu, enter the information into the fields accordingly (note that not all fields are required). Click Add Reference to post this to your entry.

You can view the full reference when viewing the individual entry on your site, as shown below.

You can display links to entries with similar content with the third-party service Linkwithin.

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Trackback pings and references