Can I generate a mailing list of all members in each audience?

Yes. You can generate an e-mail list of all members you have created within the Members & Access > Member Accounts area of your site and export that data for later use.

STEP 1 - Access Your Audience

Click to edit your audience of preference from within Website Management > Members & Access > Member Permissions

STEP 2 - Generate Your Email List

After clicking to edit the audience, scroll down to the Advanced Options section and click the Show Audience Email List button at the bottom of the page. This will generate a mailing list of all members in the audience you selected.

Step 3 - Sort Your Email List

Once you've accessed your list, you can choose to display member e-mail addresses only, the e-mail with first and last names using commas, or you can generate a simple list that displays the data line by line.

Step 4 - Copy Your Email List

Once you've selected the display format of your preference, you can highlight the text in the list and copy it by pressing the key combination CTRL+C on Windows, Command+C on a Mac. You can also use the right-click function on your mouse to copy list data if your computer mouse has that feature enabled. 

You can then paste your data into a plain text file, a spreadsheet, or directly into a mail manager program of your choosing by pressing the key combination CTRL+V on PC, Command+V on Mac.  

No matter what file format you choose, it's always a good idea to remember to save a copy of your data to your machine as well for future reference.

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Can I generate a mailing list of all members in each audience?