Adding a sidebar widget

In Squarespace 5, you can add up to two sidebars to your site and populate them with content using widgets.


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Step 1 - Set up your sidebars

In Style mode, click the Banner & Navigation tab. Ensure your Column Layout is set to a layout that has at least one sidebar.

For more help, visit Editing sidebars.


Step 2 - Add a widget

To add a widget to your site, there are two options:

  • Structure mode - Add the widget to the sidebar that's live on your site.
  • Architecture area - Add the widget to hidden sections, or add widgets while seeing an overview of all pages and widgets on your site.

Structure mode

While in Structure mode, click Add Widget next to any sidebar widget section.

Tip: If you don't see an Add Widget annotation, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and click Insert New Section.


Site Architecture

To add a widget in your site's Architecture area:

  1. In the Website Management bar, click Architecture under Structure.
  2. Click Add Widget in any widget section.

To learn how sections work, visit Organizing your site


Step 3 - Choose the widget

In the window that appears, choose the widget you want. Then click Select & Configure.

  • For a blank area where you can add text or images, choose Text/HTML.
  • Some widgets are in the Social Widgets tab.
  • For a description of each widget type and links to more information, visit Pages and widgets overview.


Step 4 - Configure the widget

A window appears with configuration options. These vary by the type of widget.

  • To leave the default settings, typically you just click Create Widget.
  • The Internal Title is the name that displays in your site's Architecture area. It doesn't display on your live site.
Tip: To edit the widget configuration in the future, enter Structure mode, hover over the widget and click Configure.


Step 5 - Enable the widget

Once you create the widget, it's visible to you while you're logged in, but not visible on your live site. To make it live in either Structure mode or your Architecture area, hover over the widget and click Enable.


Step 6 - Add content

Some widgets, such as the Journal Summary widget, automatically pull in content from other areas of your site.

For others, such as the Text/HTML widget, you'll add content directly:

  1. Enter Content mode.
  2. Click Edit Widget.
  3. Add your content and click Save & Close.



Delete a widget

In Structure mode or your site's Architecture area, hover over the widget and click Remove

For more help, visit Deleting a page, widget, or section.


Reorder widgets

In Structure mode or your site's Architecture area, click and drag a widget or widget section to change the order.

For more help, visit Moving a page, widget, or section.

Show widgets on specific pages

You can choose to show sidebar sections only on certain pages. To learn more, visit Editing sidebars.


Add images

To add images to a sidebar, use the Text/HTML widget and upload an image to the WYSIWYG. For more help, visit Adding an image.

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