What do the entries in the access log mean?

Your access log is a database detailing the visitor activity that occurs on your website. To find your access log:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. In the Website Management bar, click Detailed Activity under Statistics.
  3. Hover over the IP addresses listed under Visitor for more details.


Below is an overview of the various access log entries you may come across.

Activity Syntax

Each entry of your log, in addition to containing an access time and information about a visitor, will contain a description of the logged event in the following format:

Page Title (Type)

  • Page Title — The title of the page that this visitor accessed (ex: My favorite books, My journal, etc.).
  • Type — The type of the page that was accessed (ex: File, Page, Journal, etc.).

Visitor Information

  • Each visitor record will (when clicked) display the following pieces of information:
  • Time — The time which this visitor accessed your site.
  • IP Address — The IP address this visitor was coming from. IP addresses are numbers assigned to each machine on the internet.
  • Hostname — The hostname corresponding to the IP address of this visitor.
  • Referrer (If Available) — A link to the page that this visitor followed to access the.
  • User Agent — A string representing the browser that this visitor was using. If this visitor was a robot, the user agent will indicate the type of robot

Repeated logins from one IP address

In your access log, you may sometimes see multiple entries from one IP address, possibly requesting your login page.

Almost every time you see subsequent requests from one IP address that seem to be mechanical, you're seeing a search engine crawl your site. At times, search engine crawlers get confused and crawl some pages multiple times. Check the "user agent" of a particular access by clicking on it in your access log to check if the client is reporting itself as a bot.

If someone is actually trying to log into your site and fails, Squarespace will display a (Login Failed) message next to that particular hit.

Can I find out more about someone from their IP address?

It depends. An IP address is somewhat anonymous. From your access log, clicking on an individual access will pop up more information about that access. A hostname can sometimes be traced back to a dialup account, or a company (if you recognize the name of that company in the host name). Other things to look at are the "user agent", which reports the type of browser the person was using while that hit was made. This is a convenient way to tell if the hit came from a bot, or a person.

Can I exclude my own hits from my traffic statistics?

Yes. You can mark your own IP address as Don't Log in your website's IP Access Filters section.

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What do the entries in the access log mean?