Content backups

Squarespace takes infrastructure and backup plans very seriously. While we use our own servers to protect your site content, you can also take steps to ensure that you have copies of your content if you need it.

How we back up your site

In addition to saving your site data on our primary servers, we create a second backup of your content to standby servers. If a primary system goes down, we can switch to these systems to restore service almost instantly. We also have exceptional stability and a stellar reputation for serving high-traffic sites. As you receive more traffic, your site scales up and is well-protected against simple hardware failures.

Files uploaded to your site—such as images, .pdfs, and audio files—are stored on a system that makes copies of your data to multiple physical disks. Our secure off-site storage allows for recovery even in the face of the worst disasters (such as Hurricane Sandy).

Saving copies of your content

Although we perform extensive real-time and period system backup, you can save your files manually using other software or your local hard drive.

  • To save text, copy and paste it in another location, like a text document or a Google Doc.
  • Keep all original image files on your computer after uploading them to your site. You may want to organize the files based on how you’ve uploaded them. For example, you might create one folder for all images added to your Blog Page and another for Gallery Page images.
  • If you added custom CSS or other code to your site, it’s helpful to save copies of these files too.

Saving your content in multiple places is a good practice when publishing on any digital platform. If your site relies on a lot of written content, such as blog posts, it’s a good idea to keep in more than one place. You may even prefer to compose and save your content in a separate text editor, then paste it into Squarespace.

Finally, as you add content to your site, ensure that you have a stable Internet connection and follow our best practices for preventing content loss:

  • Carefully read prompts and pause to save changes.
  • Before any content is permanently removed, you'll be asked to confirm the deletion. To avoid accidental removal of your content, double-check these warnings before clicking Confirm.
  • Save regularly when adding large amounts of content to a page. This is especially helpful for blog posts, when you may leave the Blog Post Editor open for a long period of time.
  • For extra security, you can manually save copies of your content.
  • Ensure that you have a strong connection with your network so you can edit and save changes confidently.


With Squarespace 5, you can export styles to different Squarespace 5 sites. You can also export your site content to Squarespace 7, our current platform. It isn't possible to export and import content between Squarespace 5 sites.

Also note that if your site expires, all content is marked for permanent deletion 30 days after expiration. To avoid losing content, don’t let your site expire. If you’re cancelling your site, ensure that you have copies of all essential site data first. 

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