Adding a Tag Cloud

The Tag Cloud widget module is an easy way to display a tag cloud into your sidebar. You can use the settings to display your journal's tags, categories, or both. 







The tag cloud widget allows you to display a tag cloud in a simple and customizable format, using your journal's tags, categories, or both.

You can sort your cloud content alphabetically or by frequency. Choose to show all of them, or just a few. Control the size of text and either lighten or darken your frequently and not-so-frequently used tags. You can display a tag count for each tag in your cloud or not, and set your own value to hide infrequently used tags.

Easy to style, because it is fully integrated within the appearance editor. You can change fonts, colors, sizes, spacing and more, all without touching a line of code.

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Using Categories In Your Journal

To add a Tag Cloud Widget to your sidebar, you will need to add a new widget to your site using this guide here.  Please note that the tag cloud pulls either your tags, categories, or both from your journal entries. If you do not have tags or categories added to your journal there will not be any content to display. You can add these to your journal using this guide here.

Step 1: Selecting a Tag Cloud Widget

When the Add New Squarespace Widget window opens choose the Tag Cloud from the list, and click Select & Configure at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Configuring The Tag Cloud Widget

If you have more that one journal page, you can select which journal you would like to use from the target journal pull-down.

You can also select the Type (Content) of Tag Cloud you would like to display, either Tags, Categories, or Both.

Use the display options to customize how you would like the Tag Cloud Widget to display your Tag Cloud.

Step 3: Saving The Configuration

Once complete, you can click Save Widget Configuration at the bottom of the screen. Your Tag Cloud will then be displayed with the configuration you've chosen.

Note: When configuring the Tag Cloud to the actual Cloud style of display, the prominence of each tag is based on the magnification and opacity settings you configure within the Tag Cloud configuration menu. Tags and categories applied more frequently will appear more prominent than those used less frequently.

What is the tag feature? Can I add tags to my entries?

Yes. You can create tags in the configuration for the journal page, under the Tags tab. You can also add new tags when creating a journal entry, by typing this directly on the tags line at the bottom of the entry edit window. 

You can use tags and categories together to form a hierarchy, where tags identify information topics on your site. 

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