Adjusting your site's settings

Once you've logged into your site, a black bar appears at the top. Open the Website Management bar in the top-left to adjust your site settings. 

The Website Management bar has six sections:

  • Dashboard
  • Structure
  • Members & Access
  • Data & Media
  • Statistics
  • Billing & Support

Choose any of the links in these sections to access that administration area. Once you've opened an administration area, click the back arrow to return to your site. 

This guide provides a quick synopsis of each administration area. 


Overview An overview of what's happened on your site, including web traffic. To learn more, visit Squarespace 5 analytics.
Manage Comments View and control the recent comments and discussions on your website, and mark spam.
Manage Posts A database of all your site's posts. Filter by status, type, time, author, and category. 


Architecture Organize your pages and widgets with sections. Learn more at Organizing your website.
Website Settings Adjust your site's settings including locale, search engine preferences, security, and header and footer information. 
Custom Domain Add and manage custom domains. Learn more at Connecting a domain to your Squarespace 5 site.
URL Shortcuts Map any URL on your Squarespace website to another destination. Learn more at Creating a URL shortcut.
Tip: Locale sets your site's time zone.

Members & Access

Member Accounts Update your own profile, and add, modify, or remove member profiles. To learn more, visit Creating member accounts.
Member Permissions Determine your site members' permissions by Creating a new audience
IP Access Filters Give different hosts special properties within your website. Learn more at Banning, excluding, and masking IP addresses.

Data & Media

File Storage Manage your internal resource files and media assets. To learn more, visit Using file storage
Data Snapshots Export or backup your data as an XML file. 
Blog Importer Import blogs from a variety of platforms including Wordpress, TypePad, Blogger and Movable Type. For help, watch the Importing your blog to Squarespace video.
Change Log Track the history of your website, including changes made by you and your site's contributors. Learn more at What does the Change Log track?


Traffic Overview Statistical data gathered from your website usage logs. 
Referrers Information about the websites that are linking to your pages.
Popular Content Data on the most frequently visited pages on your site.
Subscribers Information about your RSS feed based on unique IPs and feed aggregators.
Search Queries See what keywords visitors used to find your site.
Detailed Activity See who's accessed your website in the last 7 days, and their activity.

Billing & Support

Account Center Change your billing plan and update your billing information.
Help & Support Center Search all Squarespace 5 guides.
Tools & Goodies Add useful Squarespace 5 shortcuts to your browser's toolbar or favorites.  
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Adjusting your site's settings