Creating a mobile-friendly site

Squarespace sites are optimized for viewing in Chrome and Safari's mobile browsers. To learn more, visit Supported browsers.

Squarespace 5 sites scale to fit the width of mobile devices, but they don't have built-in responsive design or mobile styles.

Mobile CSS style sheets

If you have code experience, you can upload a mobile-specific CSS style sheet to your file storage. Then point to that style sheet by adding a custom JavaScript browser detection solution:

  1. Open the Website Management bar and click Website Settings under Structure.
  2. Go to the Code Injection tab.
  3. Select Extra Header Code from the drop-down and add your custom JavaScript to the HTML Code field. 
  4. Click Update Information.
Note: Custom CSS is an advanced modification that falls outside of the scope of Squarespace support.

Squarespace 7 for built-in mobile styles

If you want a more sophisticated mobile site, this might be a good time to consider moving to Squarespace 7. All Squarespace 7 sites feature responsive design, which optimizes your site for all mobile devices and browser sizes. This is especially important as Google now gives mobile-optimized sites higher priority.

On Squarespace 7 sites, content stacks vertically on mobile. This means that visitors can scroll to see all your content, rather than having to pinch, zoom, and scroll in multiple directions. Navigation typically collapses behind a menu icon or link and appears as an overlay when tapped.

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Creating a mobile-friendly site