Adding social widgets

Squarespace 5 supports three sidebar widgets for integrating social media accounts with your site:

  • Social Links Widget - Display links to your social profiles or those of your site members.
  • Twitter Widget - Import tweets from Twitter.
  • RSS Widget - Import entries from an RSS feed.
Note: The Flickr and Location Widgets aren't currently supported.

Add a social widget

Follow these steps to add any widget to your sidebar. For the Twitter and RSS widgets, click the Social Widgets tab.

See the sections below to learn how to configure each social widget.

Social Links

Step 1 - Connect your social accounts 

  1. In the Website Management bar, click Member Accounts.
  2. In the row for your name, click Social Profile.
  3. For any unconnected social service you want to connect, click Edit.
  4. Enter the credential for that account and click Update Credentials.
Note: Site members also have social profiles. You can update your members' social profiles, or they can update their profiles directly.


Step 2 - Add and configure the widget

  1. In the Social Links Widget Configuration window, use the Member Account section to select either your profile or the profile of one of your site members. 
  2. In the Presentation Style section, choose whether the accounts will display as text, icons, or text and icons. 
  3. Click Create Widget. The links for the accounts connected to that profile will display in the sidebar.
Tip: You can also add social bookmarking links to your blog posts.


Note: Due to recent updates in Twitter's API, the steps below may not work. If they don't, follow these steps to embed a feed:

  1. Go to
  2. Add your twitter feed URL and press Enter.
  3. Click Embedded Timeline, then click Copy Code.
  4. Paste that code into a page or sidebar widget as a code snippet

Adding code to your site is an advanced modification that falls outside of the scope of Squarespace support.

To add a Twitter widget: 

  1. In the Twitter Widget Configuration window, enter the Twitter username in the Twitter Account section. Click the + icon to add up to five feeds. 
  2. Use the Widget Display Configuration section to set the display settings. You can control the number of tweets, the style, and the metadata elements that display with each tweet.
  3. Use the Tweet Filters section to only show tweets that feature a keyword, and to choose whether replies and retweets will display. Separate keywords with a comma and space.
  4. Click Create Widget and enable it. The latest tweets for the connected username will display.
Note: The Twitter Widget can't pull feeds that are password protected.


  1. In the RSS Widget Configuration window, enter the feed URL. Click the + icon to add up to five feeds. 
  2. Use the Widget Display Configuration section to set the display settings. You can control the number of posts, the length of the teaser, and the metadata elements that display with each post.
  3. Click Create Widget. The latest tweets for the connected username will display.
Tip: Typically, the feed URL is the full URL for the page, followed by ?format=rss.


My Twitter or RSS widget says it's "Still loading"

To fix this, delete the widget and then re-create it.

My Twitter Widget stopped updating

Open the widget configuration. Scroll down to the Tweet Filters section and change these settings:

  • Change the Filter button from Any to All or vice versa.
  • Check or uncheck Filter @Replies.
  • Check or uncheck Filter Retweets.

Then click Save Widget Configuration. These changes will force the Twitter widget to refresh and should update the feed. You can now re-enter the widget configuration and adjust the settings to your preference.

Squarespace 7 comparison

Our current platform has a comprehensive suite of social integrations, including:

  • Built-in social icons and buttons
  • Rich Pin optimized Pinterest buttons
  • Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Flickr integrations
  • Analytics that show which social networks are driving traffic to your site

For more information, visit the Understanding social sharing guide on our Squarespace 7 Help site. When you're ready to change platforms, visit Squarespace 5 vs. newer versions.

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