Creating a splash page

A splash page is designed to make a big impression or give important information to your visitors in a single page. It usually has its own style and is set as the homepage so it's the first page visitors see.

This guide reviews how to create a splash page with Squarespace 5.


Create the page

  1. In the Website Management bar, click Architecture under Structure.
  2. Add a section at the top of Sidebar 1. For more help, visit Organizing your site.
  3. In that section, click Add Page.
  4. Click HTML, then Select & Configure.
  5. Add a page title, such as Under Construction.
  6. Click Set As Front Page so it becomes your homepage.
  7. Click Create Page.
  8. Click to open that page.
  9. In Content mode, add content such as a headline and text. For more help, visit Adding and editing content.
  10. Give your page a unique style using these tips (Unlimited plan only).
  11. In the Website Management bar, click Architecture under Structure.
  12. Hover over the Under Construction page and click Enable.


Hide all other pages (optional)

If you're using your splash page as an Under Construction or Coming Soon page, you can hide all other pages on your site so that only the splash page appears to visitors. Depending on your preferences, you can:

  • Disable all other pages
  • Restrict them to certain member audiences
  • Hide sections so that the pages don't show in your navigation.

For more information, visit Password-protecting or hiding pages

Style tips

If you are on the Unlimited plan, you can give your splash page a unique look with style overrides. Here are some suggestions:

Remove the header and footer

There isn't a built-in way to hide the header or footer. If you have coding experience, you could try doing this with CSS. Please note that we don't provide support for advanced modifications like this, but some customers have had success adding this code to the CSS Editor:

#pageHeaderWrapper, #pageFooterWrapper { display: none; }

Squarespace 7 comparison

On our current platform, there are multiple built-in options for creating a splash page with a unique style. Visit Creating a landing page on our Squarespace 7 Help site to learn more.

To learn more about switching to Squarespace 7, visit Squarespace 5 vs. newer versions.

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