What does the Change Log track?

The Change Log within [Website Management > Data and Media > Change Log]  will only track specific changes on your site (adding/removing pages is not tracked, for example). 

These changes will be added to the change tracker:

  • Journal: Creation of a journal entry, or posting a follow up to an entry.
  • Pages: Adding content to a page or modifying content within a page.
  • Comments: Comments that are made as a member, or as a public visitor, and the deletion of comments on the site.

These changes will not be tracked by the change log:

  • Journal: Edits you make to existing journal entries in the page.
  • Sidebar: Adding sidebar content or updating sidebar content.
  • Custom CSS: Changes to your custom style, or CSS you add to your style.
  • Internal Logs/Website Management: Site Manager changes, structure changes (re-arranging pages or widgets).
Note: Removing Pages, Journal Entries, or Comments from your site will also physically remove the log for that Page, Journal Entry, or Comment within the Change Log.

Additionally, if you uncheck the track changes setting within a page, edits to that page will not be added to the change tracker.

What does it mean for an entry to be published in my change log?

This means that any change trackers on your site will display the entry. Change trackers watch changes that are published, group these changes into a chronological list, and display them to your website viewers. 

Note: The Change Tracker assumes that small changes to journal entries are edits to the existing content. You should use the follow-up feature to add new or corrective information to an entry, as this will ensure accurate syndication of entry edits within the Change Tracker.

Additionally, page deletions are not tracked in the Change Tracker page on your site.

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What does the Change Log track?