Creating a Link

Add hyperlinks within your posts and HTML content.

Watch this tutorial as a video

Step 1 - Highlight Link Text

Highlight the text you'd like to make a link with your mouse.

Click the Create/Modify Link button (this icon looks like a chain link).

To add a link to an image, see the guide for inserting images.

Step 2 - Insert Link URL

Insert the URL address of the link, and click save and close. When creating a link to an external URL you will need to add the full URL for your link, for example:

Including http:// in the link URL.


Step 3 (optional) - Create an Email Link

To create an email link, just add mailto: in front of the email address (i.e. in the Direct URL field.


Step 4 (optional) - Open in New Window

Want to display the offsite link indicator, or open your link in a new window? Click More Options to add these to your link. Each option is represented by a checkbox which you can check to enable the new window display or the off-site link indicator.

The link you have created will display in the edit window. Click edit to change the URL for your link, or remove to unlink the text.

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