Importing Movable Type Entries

Squarespace allows you to easily import entries from your Movable Type weblog to your new Squarespace journal.

Note: Trial Accounts have an import limit of the most recent 20 entries and a maximum file size of 20MB.

Step 1 - Export from Movable Type

To export your Movable Type blog, access the Tools menu within your Movable Type account and click the Export button in the drop-down menu.  Clicking this link will take you to the Export page where you can choose your blog and click the Export Blog link to generate and download an export file of your content. Depending on the size of your weblog this may take some time to download.

Step2 - Access the Blog Importer

Login to your Squarespace account and navigate to the  Data & Media > Blog Importer section of your Website Management area.  

Note: if you have multiple authors, make sure you have created accounts for these authors before you import your journal -- author names should match the Display Names of the authors in your Squarespace account.  Additionally, when entering the URL for your the blog to be imported, please enter the URL that you currently use to reference your blog, whether this is a custom domain URL or a subdomain like  Finally, it is very important if you're using a custom domain for your current site you must NOT map that domain to your Squarespace site until your import request is complete. Doing so, could cause referenced media files not to be transferred along with your imported entries.


Step 3 - Upload and Import your Blog

Select the Import via file option, as Import via web is the default option.  Choose Movable Type from the drop-down menu, fill in your blog URL and click to continue.  

Then use the file uploader to select the previously exported blog file from your computer and click the upload file button.  Once the file has uploaded you can click to Import Entries.

This process can take some time, depending on the number of entries being imported from your previous blog. You'll see a status bar after clicking the Import Blog button that will update you on the status of your import request. The import will transfer all entries (only up to 20 for Trial accounts) from your previous blog site as well as images and embedded video references automatically. Your previous URLs will also be automatically redirected to the new URL locations for those entries on your Squarespace blog so your visitors using established links to your content don't see a "page not found" message when accessing one of your older entries via direct link.

Step 4 - Verify Import

Once the import has finished, click the Finish button to complete the process. Your newly imported blog page will begin as a disabled page within your Squarespace site titled Imported XXXX-XX-XX (where "x" represents the date of your import).  You can access and enable this page clicking the Website Management link and navigating to Architecture under the Structure heading.

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Importing Movable Type Entries