Switching templates

Templates provide the structure, style, and layout framework for your Squarespace 5 site. Each template has multiple style versions, with different colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other features.

TipCustom CSS is style-specific. If you switch templates or styles, the custom CSS won't transfer to the new template or style.

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Step 1 - Switch templates

In Style mode, click Template & Styles.


Your site's current template displays on the left. On the right are multiple preset style versions for that template. In the example below, Keystone, Facade, and Parapet are all style versions of the Blueprint template.

Click More Templates to view other templates and styles.

As you browse, click any style to preview it on your site. This preview is only visible when you're logged into your site; visitors to your site won't see it.

Step 2 - Preview and install

When you click a new template or style, it automatically displays as a preview. A Design Preview (Invisible To The Public) annotation displays. While previewing the style:

  • Style changes you make won't appear on your live site.
  • Changes you make to your site's content will appear on your live site.

For example, if you change the text on a page, the new text will appear on your live site, but any new fonts you've chosen in the style preview won't appear.

Click Cancel to revert back to your original template and style, or click Enable Style to make the changes live on your site.

Once you click Enable Style:

  • Any style changes you save will appear on your live site.
  • The style can't be set back to design preview mode. You could create a version as a custom style to work in preview mode again.
Tip: To see what your live site looks like, you can visit it in incognito mode


Step 3 - Customize the template

Once you've chosen a template and style, click the other tabs to make more changes, like changing the fonts, colors, and layout. For more help, visit Creating a custom style.

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