Adding and formatting text

This guide explains how to add, format, and style text on your Squarespace 5 site.

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Adding and Formatting Text

Changing Fonts, Colors and Sizes

Add text to a page or sidebar

To create a blank area where you can add text, add an HTML page or sidebar widget. Then:

  1. Enter Content mode. 
  2. Click Edit Page or Edit Widget.
  3. Add your text to the WYSIWYG. 

Other pages and widgets, such as blog posts, will also have options for adding text in Content mode. In some cases, you can also add text to the page header or footer in Structure mode.

Some pages and widgets have built-in text. See our list of pages and widgets for more information.

Tip: For forms, the text has special editing options in Content mode.

Add text to other areas of your site

You can also add or adjust text to other areas of your site:

Format the text

In the WYSIWYG editor, use the formatting options in the toolbar to adjust the text format. Options include:

  • Change font size
  • Add headers
  • Bold and italicize
  • Add quote formatting 


Style the text

To change your font and adjust site-wide options like font size, enter Style Mode and click the Fonts, Colors & Sizes tab. Then use the options to adjust your text.

For more help, visit Styling your site.


Copy and paste

To copy text from anywhere on your site, highlight it and then use this keyboard shortcut:

  • PC - Ctrl + C
  • Mac + C

We recommend you always paste as plain text. This removes hidden styling that can interfere with how your content displays. To paste as plain text, use this keyboard shortcut:

  • PC - Ctrl + Shift + V
  • Mac + Shift + V

Line breaks

To create a new paragraph, press Enter on a PC or Return on a Mac.

For less space between lines, add a line break by pressing Shift + Enter on a PC, or Shift + Return on a Mac.

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