Squarespace domains FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions about registering domains through Squarespace.

Getting started FAQs

Can I register a domain with Squarespace?

Yes. If your site is on a yearly or bi-yearly billing cycle, you can register one domain for free.

For Squarespace 5 sites, you can only register one domain through Squarespace. If you're on a monthly plan, or if you're on a yearly plan but need an additional domain, register it with a third-party provider and connect it to your site.

How do I get a free domain?

To get started, visit Registering a domain through Squarespace.

How do I point my free domain to my Squarespace website?

When you register your free domain through your Squarespace account, we automatically point it to your site. No additional steps are required.

Can I get more domains after getting my free domain?

Only on Squarespace 7. If you’d like an additional domain for your Squarespace 5 site, you’ll need to register one through a third-party provider and connect it to your site.

Can I get a domain if I’m on a monthly plan?

Not on Squarespace 5. If you’re on a monthly billing cycle on Squarespace 7, you can register domains for $20 to $70 per year.

What TLDs are available?

.com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domains are available for free registration on Squarespace 5. We have over 200 available TLDs available to register on Squarespace 7.

How do I get email for my domain?

Squarespace doesn't host email, but you can have an email associated with your domain with Google Workspace. This gives you free web-based email that works just like Gmail. To learn more, visit Setting up Google Workspace.

On Squarespace 7, you can set up a custom email address directly through our partnership with Google Workspace.

Will I have domain or Whois privacy?

Yes. Whois privacy is included for free with all domains registered through Squarespace. You’ll see Squarespace listed in your domain’s Whois, which you can transfer if you ever decide to leave Squarespace.

The domain I want isn't available

If the domain isn't available, there might be a few reasons why. The domain you entered could already be taken, it could be a premium domain, or it might contain too many characters.

Domain management FAQs

How do I review or adjust my connected domains?

  1. Log into your site.
  2. In the Website Management bar, click Custom Domain.

Can I change or rename a domain?

Your domain name is important to your online presence, so we offer a five-day grace period where you can change the name before it becomes permanent. This gives you a chance to make changes if you change your mind or made any typos when entering your domain name.

After this five-day grace period, the domain can't be changed. However, you can connect other domains to your site. 

Can I remove the "www" from my domain?

You can choose if the display format for your domain shows the preceding www subdomain.

  1. Log into your site.
  2. In the Website Management bar, click Custom Domain.
  3. Hover over your domain and click Toggle WWW.

How long can I keep my domain?

Once you register a domain, you own it and can keep it as long as you'd like. As long as you maintain your service with Squarespace, the domain will point to your Squarespace site for as long as you have the plan with us.

Can I create subdomains, like blog.yourdomain.com?

You can create subdomains for your free Squarespace domain within its DNS settings. This is an advanced modification for experienced users. To learn more, visit Creating subdomains.

Can I map a subdomain to a specific page on my site?

No. Unlike Squarespace 7, it isn't possible to map a subdomain to a specific page within your Squarespace 5 site. All linked domains and subdomains will resolve to the domain you've set as the primary domain for your account.

Google is displaying my built-in domain instead of my custom domain

Ensure your domain is connected properly, then register your site with Google Search Console. Google will index your site, meaning changes you've made will show up in search results sooner. Learn more with our search tool best practices.

Moving domains FAQs

Can I move my domain to a Squarespace 7 site?

Yes, if your new Squarespace 7 site is on an annual billing plan. If you registered a domain through Squarespace 5 and want to use it for a Squarespace 7 site, open a ticket with the following information:

  • Subject: Move domain between sites.
  • Your custom domain (Example: www.yoursite.com)
  • The Squarespace URL for the site currently connected to the domain (Example: yourV5site.squarespace.com).
  • The Squarespace URL you want the domain moved to (Example: yourV7site.squarespace.com).
  • The full name and last four digits on the credit card used to pay for the site currently connected to the domain.

Can I transfer my Squarespace domain to another provider?

Yes. To transfer your Squarespace domain, open a ticket and we’ll unlock it from our system and provide you with a transfer key.

If you want to close your Squarespace site entirely, you'll need to cancel service separately.

Can I point my free domain to a non-Squarespace site?

No. To register a domain and point it to another website, you'll need to purchase the domain and hosting through third-party services. You can, however, point subdomains (Example: blog.yourdomain.com) of your domain to other sites using your domain’s advanced control panel.

Can I transfer a domain to Squarespace to use as my free domain?

No. Only new domains registered through us are eligible for the free domain offer.

Billing FAQs

What happens to my free domain if I downgrade to monthly billing?

You'll keep your domain for the remainder of the yearly registration, but we won't renew your domain hosting. To keep renewing your domain, transfer your domain to another domain registrar (GoDaddy, Dotster, eNom, etc).

What happens to my domain if I cancel my Squarespace account?

If you cancel your Squarespace account, you’ll retain ownership of the domain until the end of its billing cycle, but we can’t continue to host it for you. To keep it, transfer the domain to another provider and pay for domain hosting service with your new provider. Otherwise, the domain will expire at the end of the billing cycle.

If you’re canceling your Squarespace 5 account but moving to Squarespace 7, open a ticket and we’ll move your domain to your new site.

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Squarespace domains FAQ