Hiding a page in the navigation

Site navigation typically displays at the top of your site, or in a sidebar. (You can adjust where it displays in the Banner & Navigation section of the Style Editor.)



If you don't want a link to display in navigation, there are two options:

  • Hide a link to remove its link from the navigation. The direct URL for the page will still work.
  • Disable a page to remove it from the navigation on your live site. A greyed out link will still appear when you're logged in. The direct URL won't work. 

Hiding a navigation link

Adding a page to a hidden section removes its link from the navigation. The direct URL for the page will still work, whether or not you're logged in.

  1. From Website Management, click Architecture in the Structure section.
  2. Below one of the Sidebar areas, click Insert Section.
  3. Add a title and click Save. The section appears in the sidebar area. In this example, we've given the section the title "hidden nav pages."

  1. Drag the link or links you want to hide into the new section
  2. Click Hide.

All pages added to a hidden section will not appear in the navigation. However, they will still be available via a direct link to their page URL.

To hide all your navigation links, click Hide on their section.

Disabling a page

You can also remove a link from your navigation by disabling the page. Any time you create a new page, it's automatically set to disabled.

In Structure mode, hover over a navigation link and click Disable. You can also enable or disable pages by hovering over the page name in your site's Architecture

  • When a page is disabled, it doesn't show up in the navigation on your live site, and the direct URL for that page doesn't work. However, when you're logged in, you'll see the grayed out link in your navigation, even in Preview mode.
  • Site members can't see disabled pages. 
Note: Because the direct URL won't work for disabled pages, it's not a good idea to disable a login page. Instead, hide the login page using the method above.


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Hiding a page in the navigation