How do I setup a Drop Box so that people can upload files to me?

The Drop Box module lets visitors upload files to your site.

Suggested Uses:

  1. Collect user-generated content submissions
  2. Collect electronic job applications
  3. Let members share files with the community
Note: The Drop Box module is not associated with the Dropbox file sharing service.

Step 1: Adding a Drop Box Page

Enter Structure Editing Mode and click the add page link.  Within the page types list choose Drop Box, and click to select and configure.

Note: Before adding a Drop Box Page to your site, you'll need to choose a destination upload point for files. By default, a Drop Box Page points to your top level File Storage.

Step 2: Choosing Upload Destination

Top Level File Storage (default) -- All uploaded files will be added to your File Storage (not within a folder or directory).

To have more control over where these files are located and less trouble locating them within the main File Storage area, you have two additional options:

1) Adding a File Storage Page -- Uploaded Drop Box files will be added directly to your File Storage page - helpful if you want other users to view the file list, and will keep the files separate from your site storage.

2) Adding a Folder (directory) within your site File Storage -- Uploaded files will be added directly to a folder within your File Storage area, which will keep Drop Box files filtered out of your site files and images. You'll be able to access uploaded files directly within: Data & Media > File Storage > Newly Created Folder/Directory.

Step 3: Setting Permissions

When setting up a Drop Box, you'll need to define permissions settings for the Drop Box itself and, if you decide to use one, the folder as well. These permission settings will vary depending upon the need for a public or private Drop Box.

Public Drop Box - Set the Drop Box to visible and the folder to storage only (so that people cannot browse the contents of the folder).

Private Drop Box - Set both target folders as restricted under your Public Audience. Set the Drop Box to visible and the Folder to storage only for your Private Audience.

You can set these Permissions from within -- [Website Management > Members & Access > Member Permissions].

Drop Box Notes:

When a user accesses your Drop Box Page, they will be prompted to enter their Name and Email Address when uploading a file. You can see the user's information:

1) If you have subscribed to the Drop Box page, you will see the added information within the Notification Email you will receive. See the FAQ entry for subscribing to pages within your site.

2) The Drop Box will only send one notification for updates. If you're storing files in your site File Storage you will get an update when a new file is added via the drop box page.  If you're storing files in a file storage page, you will only get one notification from the file storage page that a new file has been added.

3) If you chose a File Storage Page as the destination upload point for the uploaded files, you can display the user's information on the File Storage Page itself by selecting the option to Show Multi-User Data in the File Storage Page Configuration Menu.


Note: Squarespace supports individual file uploads up to 20 MB in size (see this FAQ entry for more information). This limit also applies to uploads via the drop box page.

What are the name and email address field used for on the drop box page?

This information will be added to the email notification you receive if you're subscribed to that page. See this FAQ entry for subscribing to pages within your site.

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How do I setup a Drop Box so that people can upload files to me?