Must everything on my website be visible to everyone?

No. Squarespace gives you advanced tools for managing what users (or specific groups of users) can and cannot see. There are a variety of ways you can limit the content that the public can see:

  1. When creating new content you have the ability to leave that content disabled - disabled content does not show up in your navigation structure and cannot be accessed by users except for you. This feature allows you to create content and spend some time working on the content for it before releasing it to the public.
  2. Journal entries can be either 'draft' or 'published'. While working on a journal entry you can leave in draft status, ensuring that public users cannot view it until you have had time to finish.
  3. Squarespace has an advanced permissions structure allowing you to limit permissions to any part of your site. You can create separate website logins that will allow access to the different portions of your website. 
  4. You may block specific IP addresses, IP address ranges or host names from accessing any part of your site. For more information please see the IP Access Filters tab in your Site Manager.
  5. You can set up a landing page or under construction page and hide the rest of your site pages  from public view as you continue to develop. See this guide for more information on that here
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Must everything on my website be visible to everyone?