Setting a homepage

Your homepage (also known as front page or initial page) is the page that displays when you first visit your Squarespace 5 site. You can set any page on your site as your homepage.

Visitors can return to your homepage by clicking your site title.

In your site's Architecture area, your current homepage says Front Page next to its title.

Tip: Pages within folders may also have a Front Page label.


Watch a video

The login methods shown in this video are no longer recommended. For information about setting a homepage, skip to 1:17.

Before you begin

Set a new homepage

Set a new homepage in Page Configuration:

  1. In the Website Management bar, click Architecture under Structure.
  2. Hover over the page's title and click Configure.


  1. In the Page Configuration window, scroll to the bottom and click Set As Front Page
Tip: In the site Architecture area, your new homepage will say Front Page next to its title. The old homepage will remain in its section, but won't say Front Page anymore.


Add a homepage to a folder

Folders can have their own front page, which determines the page your visitors will go to when they click the folder name.

The front page of a folder is typically different from the homepage of your site, but you can use a page in a folder as your homepage:

  1. Open the page configuration for the folder itself.
  2. Ensure Folder Display Method is set to None or Redirect To Page.
  3. Choose Set As Front Page.
Tip: If the page within the folder is already set as the folder's front page, it will become the homepage for your site. Otherwise, open its page configuration and click Set As Front Page.


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