How do I customize emails sent from my website?

With Squarespace's Unlimited package you are provided with the added ability to modify emails sent from your site. These include emails sent out to new members registering for your site, password recovery emails sent to your members, and Form Submission emails sent to both the submitter and recipient, amongst others. For example, you my want to have a different reply-to email address on a Form Submission sent to a user or you want to add some additional URLs to emails sent to a new member to direct them to a specific page within your site or exernal sites.

Email template editing is available with the Unlimited package, and can be accessed from [Website Management > Structure > Website Settings > Email]. Choose the e-mail template you want to customize from the drop-down menu, and make your changes.

Note: Please exercise caution when making changes, as this can affect information added to your messages.

Step 1 - Access Website Management 

From within Website Management, underneath the Structure Column select Website Settings

Then from within the Website Settings area select Email

Step 2 - Select and Adjust Template

You can edit the text in following emails sent from your site

- New Member Invitation 
- New Member Registration
- Password Recovery
- Article Recommendation
- Content Updated (Subscription)
- Author Contact Email
- Forum Submission Receipt (Sent To User)
- Form Submission (Sent To Site Owner)
- Unregistered Member Comment Notification

You can reference our dedicated Forms site for a list of variables you can use in your emails.

Note: Email variables are only available for use within the email template in which they exist by default. These variables exist in their default email templates for a reason and generally provide a specific function for that template. Do not remove those variables unless you are absolutely certain of what function they provide. You could end up removing a key function of the form itself.

Step 3 - Save Template

After making changes to an email template, select Save Template to save your changes. 


  • When making changes to these templates be sure to test these changes by sending an email to yourself. Improper changes made to the form can cause the form to fail; please exercise caution when making these changes. If you find you're not receiving emails, try reverting to a default template. As always feel free to contact Support if you run into any issues or have any questions on this feature.
  • You can use plain text formatting only.  
  • An unsubscribe link will display at the bottom of all system emails. That link is required to conform with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and cannot be removed.

Variables and descriptions

Below are a list of the included variables and descriptions for each of the email templates available within:

Website Management > Structure > Website Settings > Email

Note that you can only customize pre-existing parameters (forms will not recognize user created parameters).

New Member Invitation:

[ACCOUNT_CREATOR_EMAIL] Email address of the visitor who has created an account
[WEBSITE_URL] The URL to your website
[LOGIN_URL] The URL to your Login Page
If you have the setting for Account Validation set, the Validation URL will display
[LOGIN] Their Login name
[PASSWORD] Their Password
Body of the Custom Message added when selecting to email invitation

New Member Registration:

[LOGIN_URL] The URL to your Login Page
If you have the setting for Account Validation set, the Validation URL will display
[LOGIN] Their Login name
[PASSWORD] Their Password

Password Recovery:

[PASSWORD_RECOVERY_LINK] The URL to the Password Recovery Page on your site
[SQUARESPACE_PASSWORD_RECOVERY_LINK] The URL to the Password Recovery Page for your site members 

Article Recommendation:

[RECOMMENDER_SENDER_EMAIL] Email Address of the sender of the article
[RECOMMENDER_SENDER_NAME] Name of the sender of the article
[RECOMMENDER_MESSAGE] Body of the Message added by the sender
[ARTICLE_TITLE] Title of the article being sent
[ARTICLE_LINK] Link to the article being sent
Excerpt of article if configured in the Journal

Content Updated (Subscription):

[CONTENT_SUBJECT] Subject of the email sent containing the Page and Content Title of what was changed
[AUTHOR_SENDER_EMAIL] Author's email address that made the update
Full text of the content if updated
[AUTHOR] Author's name & email address (if added)
[ACTION_TEXT] Either Added or Updated
[CONTENT_TITLE] Title of the content changed
URL to the entry

Author Contact Email:

[SUBJECT] Subject text of the Send Email form
[SENDER_EMAIL] Email Address of the sender
[USER_WEBSITE] URL of your website where Send Email Form was submitted
[SENDER_NAME] Name of the sender
[REMOTE_HOST]/[REMOTE_IP] Submitted from Network Address
[MESSAGE] Message body

Form Submission Receipt (Sent To User):

[RECEIPT_SUBJECT] The subject line of the email receipt.
[RECEIPT_OWNER_NAME] Name to be attached to the email receipt.
[RECEIPT_OWNER_EMAIL] Email Address your confirmation message is to be sent from.
[RECEIPT_MESSAGE] Confirmation text to be sent

Form Submission (Sent To Site Owner):

[FORM_NAME] Then name of the Form Page
[SUBMITTER_REPLY_TO_ADDRESS] Email Address of the form submitter
[USER_WEBSITE] URL of your website where Send Email Form was submitted
[REMOTE_HOST]/[REMOTE_IP] Submitted from Network Address
[FORM_DATA] Data that was entered on the form
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How do I customize emails sent from my website?