Using tags and categories in a blog

When you define categories for your entries, visitors can quickly filter your journal content by what interests them. In addition, Squarespace categories and tags are the equivalent of Technorati Tags, allowing people across the Web to easily find your categorized content when it matches the tag they search for.

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Step 1 - Access Journal Configuration

When viewing the journal page in Structure Editing mode, click the configure link for the journal page.

Step 2 - Add, Edit, or Remove Categories

Within the journal page configuration, navigate to the Categories tab.

Add your category title to the Create Category field and click save. Click save and close to apply your changes.

Step 3 - Assign Categories

When creating a new post (or modifying an old post), click above the category text to open the category list.

Assign one or more categories from the list to your entry.

Step 4 (Optional) - Add and Assign Categories

You can also add categories from within the editor while composing or modifying a Journal entry.

Can I create a link that displays all entries in a particular journal entry category?

Yes. From your journal, click on the name of a category which you would like to see all entries within. Note the URL in the browser bar. Create a Single Link object (from Architecture) and use this URL as the link location.

Note: If you want to setup a side navigation widget to automatically display links to all of your entries by category, tag, date, etc., you can review this guide for Adding a Journal Archive.
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Using tags and categories in a blog